Jun 03 2008

Will The Michelle Obama Tape Surface Tomorrow?

My feeling all along has been the much hyped video tape of Michelle Obama with Mrs. Farrakhan is too weak to stand on its own, or it would be out by now (interesting how Larry Johnson somehow forgot to mention the Farrakhan connection to Barrack Obama was actually through the wives Obama and Farrakhan). H/T to a reader at Michelle Malkin’s for clarifying the event and who was at it – a 2004 Rainbow/Push event in Chicago:

Clearly the impression left by many that there was some hard nexus between Obama, Rezko and Farrakhan on a video tape was too good to be true.   There is not one. This proves Larry Johnson’s propaganda stunt was mostly disinformation and false impressions meant to get the Dem Super Delegates to turn on Obama.  Why else basically give people the impression Michelle was ranting about “whitety” with Farrakhan himself?  Why – because the tape is weak and may not do what Clinton needs done.

That is why their collusion between the news media and the Johnson/Clinton cabal regarding the timing of any release, along with allowing the vague innuendoes to persist while the truth was held from the public, is so damn wrong.  It is bad enough much of the news media is giving Obama a pass instead of doing due diligence on Obama’s background.  But to pick sides and work to maximize the impact of stories to the benefits of one campaign over another is an abuse of the trust of the American people.

The news media let Larry Johnson’s false impression live beyond their time and essence.  The reason the video is not out yet is twofold:  (a) because it is weak it required weeks of build up and establishing preconceptions by one Larry Johnson – avid Clinton support, and (b) because the risk of blow back against Clinton and the potential to cripple the Democrat Party for years to come made this a last ditch act.  The destruction of the first African American with a chance at the Presidency by a fellow Democrat could explode back on the Clinton’s if they did not find a way to provide plausible cover and deniability.

As I posted earlier today the plan seems to be comprised of the following stages:

  1. Suspend (but don’t end) the Clinton campaign (now accomplished)
  2. Release the video of Michelle, allowing Clinton to feign surprise and disgust at the GOP
  3. Watch Obama’s support crash in the general election polls between now and Denver’s September convention
  4. Clinton comes to the rescue of the Democrats by stepping in for the mortally wounded Obama, noting how he once offed another black leader from her public position (in other words, he wasn’t that good of a democrat anyway)

Step one was completed tonight.  Step two is supposed to happen tomorrow (June 4th), though the cover being blown on this political backstabbing of Obama may have to be delayed a bit because the cover story is not holding up too well.  We shall see, but the stage is set for Clinton to save the Democrats if Obama stumbles.  All she needs now is for Obama to trip up and stumble….  So will Bob Beckel’s prediction on step 2 come true tomorrow?



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5 Responses to “Will The Michelle Obama Tape Surface Tomorrow?”

  1. Conservatism Today says:

    As I posted on my blog on the subject, I am most struck by the fact that the idea of Michelle Obama (who hopes to be first lady of the United States) uttering anti-white remarks seems so plausible to everyone. I have not heard anyone say “no way, she would never do that.”

    Instead, we all think she’s probably said things like that many times bafore. It seems to fit with Trinity United’s general message.

    This is my first time here – good posts.


  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Well if its any indication, 60% of the dems in exit polls tonight said Trinity Church was not an issue.

  3. dave m says:

    Hi AJ,

    How do you interpret the Hillary statement that she would be open
    to being Obama’s VP?
    One reading is that the tape threat could be called off if Obama gives
    her the nod, but Hillary probably realizes that the tape is “out there”
    and would still surface in October despite anything she withheld.
    A second reading would be she is only pretending to be interested
    in the VP slot for plausible deniability when she does release the tape?

    I wonder how much difference it would make? Democrats, in their
    present mood, seem willing to accept anything about BHO and still
    fall at his feet no matter what.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Well if its any indication, 60% of the dems in exit polls tonight said Trinity Church was not an issue.

    The question is vague. How many of these voters were Hillary supporters? If they had already decided to vote for Hillary, then the Trinity Church would not be a factor in their vote. Maybe it already was an issue until they made a decision?

  5. AJStrata says:

    Regarding the 60% who ignore Trinity it means nothing.

    40% say something different. But no matter what your talking 60% of 33% of the general election electorate.

    The Dems can’t lose 40% of their vote and win. Heck, they can’t lose 6% and win.