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Nov 09 2006

My House Predictions

What many of us (Dafydd suffered the same fate as me) who missed in our House Predictions missed the number of seats in play. I am seeing races now that I never knew were in play. I only had one NH race at risk – probably should have gone with the other but few saw […]

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Nov 09 2006

Steele For RNC Chairman (And President)

We need to keep Michael Steele involved and successful in politics. He ran the best campaign. I actually found myself looking for his commercials and not flipping a channel to just watch his. He is brilliant. And I invite him to move to VA and run for the Senate here. But if RNC Chair is […]

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Nov 09 2006

The Great Donald Rumsfeld

The Washington Post has a reasonably good photo essay up of Don Rumsfeld’s dedication to this nation. The troops admired this man and he respected and cared for them. The liberals never understood that bond, and were probably envious of his success. And now that the Democrats own Iraq (in the people’s minds, they are […]

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Nov 09 2006

Investigate And Impeach

The Dems now own Iraq and a lot of other issues. They have the Congress. And what will they do? Investigate and Impeach. Impeach, impeach, impeach. It’s what Dem voters wanted. But we will NOT be investigating communications between Al Qaeda leaders and people here in the US. That is now ‘off the table’.

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Nov 09 2006

Senate And House Gone

I have to tell you that the news that Webb won in VA is sickening. Hopefully all the horney military women will not have to face this man too often. And to those like the caller I heard call in on a radio show and say he voted straight Dem because Reps did not give […]

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Nov 08 2006

The Physics Of Purity

The anger at the American peoples’ verdict on the Republicans is understandable – but it is causing Rep and Cons to miss the lesson here. I have heard a lot of normally smart and observant people conclude the right was not far enough right! Wrong answer. As I posted this morning, the country turned their […]

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Nov 08 2006

Olberman and Bin Laden Are Celebrating

With the current numbers 27 House seats and 4 Senate seats lost the conservative movement better take a good hard look at what happened. All their frustration with Bush has now left him as the only thing standing between our sanctity for life and fetus harvesting for spare parts. Remember when the House refused to […]

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Nov 08 2006

Dems Take Senate

OK, give them their due. And now we have the results. Higher taxes, giving Iraq to Al Qaeda, and pretending thre is no war on terror – just America causing problems. I am not even a Rep and I can see the pending disaster. How is it Reps let Foley’s seat go? How is it […]

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Nov 08 2006

How Bad Is This?

Olberman and Mathews are dancing a jig – what else do we need to know?

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Nov 08 2006

Why Weren’t Conservatives More United?

Conservatives need to assess one question: why weren’t we more united? We need to be very careful as we go forward and realize infighting makes us all losers. No blame being pushed (besides Frum and Kristol), but Hayworth’s and Santorum’s losses are huge. We took stands that exposed our rightward flanks. Let’s not make this […]

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