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Oct 26 2010

Another Look At The GOP Wave In The Early Voting

Update: Sean Trende at RCP does a similar form of analysis, gets similar answer. Update: Those not seeing the wave are blinded by denial – so says The Hill. And The Hotline concurs. Update: Read the analysis and then come back and check out this Hillbuzz rumor about moderate Democrats energized to vote straight GOP […]

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Oct 19 2010

99 Democrat Seats On The Wall, 99 Democrat Seats …

You throw one down and vote ’em out, 98 Democrat seats on the wall! With two weeks remaining until Election Day, the political map has expanded to put Democrats on the run across the country – with 99 Democratic-held House seats now in play, according to a POLITICO analysis, and Republicans well in reach of […]

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Oct 13 2010

Coons-O’Donnell Debate: Who The Hell Is That Mrs. Coons Person Moderating?!

Update: more comments at Hot Air – but it is clear CNN pulled away because O’Donnell was doing too well. Yes, the miner rescue is big, but CNN could wait a few minutes. What a crock. Good luck Christine, you earned it tonight. Update: What is it with Mrs Coons? Everytime Coons gets in trouble […]

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Sep 23 2010

The GOP Pledge Is The Right Answer At The Right Time

[Click image to see more excellent patriotic artwork] For those on the right who think the GOP pledge does not go far enough to the right – thanks for standing up and letting us know who not to follow. Any element of the conservative movement that proposes to implode by pushing America outside its comfort […]

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Aug 30 2010

Presidential Amateur Hour Continues

In an election year that is driven by a near universal belief by the American people that DC’s politicians are too aloof, not listening to them and do not care, the worst answer a young president can give is: Obama, speaking with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams on Sunday afternoon, was equally dismissive of conservative […]

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Aug 13 2010

How Has Obama Failed? The Telegraph Counts The Ways

A must read from across the pond on all the factors that are creating a perfect fire storm of backlash. A small sample of the 10 reasons November will be a historic retribution on Barack Obama and the Dems: 3. Obama fails to inspire In contrast to the soaring rhetoric of his 2004 Convention speech […]

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Jul 28 2010

The Cratering Presidency

Playing endless rounds of golf and playing with our health care have not endeared our young and inexperienced president to the American people. So much so his approval ratings continue to slide, pulling down the entire Democrat political industrial complex with him. This snapshot of the RCP presidential approval index is quite enlightening: There are […]

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Jun 28 2010

RIP Senator Byrd

While I did not agree with Senator Byrd on a lot of things, you have to admire the man for his tenacity and his understanding of the Senate rules (and his occasional twisting of them).  Mitch McConnell actually said it well of Byrd: The Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, said Byrd “combined a […]

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Mar 22 2010

At The Precipice

The House Democrats pulled off their miracle yesterday – though it was more corruption and misleading fig leaves than the coming of a brave new world. Mark Steyn said it best – Happy Dependence Day. Next test is in the Senate where all sorts of problems might arise, or might not. Right now I am […]

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Jan 06 2010

Independents Have All But Abandoned The Democrats

Rasmussen has a very important and telling poll out today on support for the two national parties. In what has to be a shocking turn around, Dems now trail the GOP in the generic congressional ballot by 9%! For me, though, is the message being sent by independents: Among all voters not affiliated with either […]

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