Oct 13 2010

Coons-O’Donnell Debate: Who The Hell Is That Mrs. Coons Person Moderating?!

Update: more comments at Hot Air – but it is clear CNN pulled away because O’Donnell was doing too well. Yes, the miner rescue is big, but CNN could wait a few minutes. What a crock. Good luck Christine, you earned it tonight.

Update: What is it with Mrs Coons? Everytime Coons gets in trouble he looks to Mrs Coons to stop O’Donnell and give him a life line! What a loser – end update

If anyone could salvage Christine O’Donnell it has to be that blatantly biased, brunette moderator we have affectionately called “Mrs. Coons.” I am watching the debate, impressed by Christine’s coaching and ability to think on her feet, and wondering who the hell placed a liberal Coons supporter next to Wolf Blitzer – who is seriously wondering about the intentions and bias of his co-moderator.

I am no fan of O’Donnell, but she finally answered my concerns by admitting she did what she had to do to survive this recession. She sold her house and tried to make right. She took care of herself, and apparently tried to avoid the handout. So my concerns are now answered in that regard.

But I still want to know, who is the woman spoon feeding Coons and prompting him when to rebut and how to rebut? Did CNN really think us poor ‘ol dumb voters would not see how the tired liberal medialite was controlling Coons??? If she was any closer to Coons there would be divorce papers being issued!

Good lord – Christine what will you be doing when you win your Senate seat from that fool Coons. His pat response is “there’s not enough time to explain my problems”. What a disaster for the Dems in DE.

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  1. DJStrata says:

    OK, we were watching the debate on a delayed feed due to pausing. I can’t believe CNN tried to attempt damage control by breaking in with breaking news of the miners being pulled up!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for admitting Coons was losing BIG time!

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I missed the entire debate because we were in a local tea party meeting.

    But from what I’ve read so far, looks like Christine did good. And I wasn’t surprised. It’s too bad that the primary was so late that prevented her from getting the momentum like Marco did.

    And even if she loses this election, she still won many hearts and she’ll be back to run another election in a few years.

    Imagine her and Palin campaigning at the same time. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

  3. lurker9876 says:

    http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/national-dems-abandon-kagen-wi-cut-back-carnahan-mo_508667.html – so they continue to cut back on their ads all over the place and shifting the money to help Coons win.

    Good grief. Why would Coons need all that help and money if he is at least 15 points ahead?

  4. MarkN says:

    Watched a replay (fast-forward) on C-SPAN. What was Coons thinking. Never debate a 30%.

    Here is the difference in this race. Do you think ______ is qualified to be a US Senator? Coons – 70%. COD – 30%.

    Not after tonight.

  5. MarkN says:

    Delaware Public Television news anchor Nancy Karibjanian = Mrs. Coons.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    one comment that was repeated many times over at HotAir was how condescending Coons was, such always looking down and being downright rude!

  7. Fai Mao says:

    I still think she should make lemonaid out of her short comings and constrast them with democrats.

    For example: Are her tax issues bigger than Charles Wrangle?

    She should make a TV commercial and ask the democrats to quit straining for gnats and swallowing camels. If Wrangle was not even indited by the democrats then they have no moral authority to even question her. Compile a laundry list of the abuses of power, blatent violations of the law and unethical proactices by Joe Biden and say “They mind when Joe “Bite Me” Biden did this, why is it an issue now? Especially when his offenses wwere far greater than mine.

    it it is problematic for her to pay herself from her campaign then why wasn’t it problematic for Biden to hire his wife to work in his office?

  8. Fai Mao says:

    Sorry about the typos. I am listing to people speak in Chinese and trying to type in English. It affects my spelling

  9. archtop says:

    It’s really a pretty simple choice in Delaware.

    If you want a Marxist Democrat who will carry on the Obama Agenda and vote with Al Franken 100% of the time, then vote for Coons.

    If not, vote for O’Donnell…

  10. archtop says:

    I forgot about a third choice…the rank and file Democrats of Delaware become so disgusted with their candidate that they simply stay home…

  11. dhunter says:

    The choice for DE is stark!
    A Big Government control freak who will condone legislation that makes the decisions affecting your health, wealth, and lifes choices, or a Citizen Legislator who believes in States Rights and the freedom of people to make their own choices thus their own mistakes rather than institutionalizing them.

    The Culpepper Minute men fought the cannons of the British war ships from the shores of New England and drove them back out to sea by Musket Ball to preserve their freedoms from tyranny.
    Will the people of DE invite Tyranny back in by voting for The Coons?

    We shall see what the people of DE are made of!

    Oh and by the way Christine had a VERY GOOD POINT, will The Coons, the elitist snob, who I am sure inherited his wealth thus his huge ego and condescending attitude, stand to benefit from the cap and tax hoax that the Marxists seek to strangle us with?


  12. dhunter says:

    Funny thing happened on the way to “the witch burning”,

    Three Libtard Presstitutes and a few Elitist, inside the Beltway Republicans, lit themselves on fire instead!

    Maybe Christine does have “Special Powers”

    We may need them since Moochelle is now askin for “Prayer Circles” to pray for HER Barrack and as to “keep the spirits clean”!

  13. oneal lane says:

    It puzzles me why the leftist northeasterners would have a problem with Christine as a witch, if she was.

    Electing a pagan should be right up their alley.

  14. Redteam says:

    I’ve said since Day one that O’Donnell will win, still believe it.