Jul 19 2009

Fraud & Abuse, Obamanomics Style

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Who says God doesn’t have a sense of irony. Apparently the only thing the liberal stimulus experiment has stimulated is egregious fraud and theft of tax payer money:

Your Obama Government at work–
The government was charged $1,191,200 for a Stimulus project started on April 28, 2009 and completed on June 30, 2009.

The description of work or service performed:


Well, now we know for sure this was a pork spending bill. For the record, that $1.191 million dollars for two pounds of ham could have provided 12 Americans a real job for a little over $99,000 for a year.

Another way to look at this blatant crime: that ham was the result of 595 taxpayers getting ripped off to the tune of a little over $2,000 each. Isn’t it nice to know you may have been the schmuck who lost $2,000 of your hard earned money to this liberal scam?

And just think what Obama and the liberals in DC would do to our health care system if they got their hands on that!

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  1. WWS says:

    in other wonderful Washington news: Obama’s commerce secretary said yesterday that American’s need to pay for Chinese carbon emissions because we buy their stuff, and therefore it isn’t fair to ask the Chinese to pay for their own pollution. Undoubtedly the Chinese were greatly pleased by his remarks, although I find it hard to believe any American is going to be too happy about it.


    A question of my own, Secretary Locke: why would the Chinese EVER consider cutting their pollution levels as long as they had a guarantee that someone else was going to pay for all of it? Do you think that might be a little flaw in your plan? Won’t that make overall pollution levels worse, not better, which is what your scheme is supposed to be doing? Besides the obvious flaw of transferring a huge chunk of this country’s remaining wealth over to our new Chinese Overlords, of course.

    Gary Locke represented the Chinese Government as part of Davis-Wright-Tremaine from 2004 – 2008.

    Secretary Locke, are you STILL on the Chinese Government’s payroll?

  2. crosspatch says:

    WWS, it’s all crap anyway. You could probably triple CO2 and not raise temperatures. The reason is water vapor. The Earth’s atmosphere is already opaque to the wavelengths that CO2 absorbs because the water vapor has already absorbed it. It is like closing shutters on your windows and then pulling a sheer across the inside. The sheer does nothing because the shutters block all the light.

    CO2 is NOT pollution, it is fertilizer.

  3. crosspatch says:

    From Small Dead Animals:

    Note: This has been reported as “debunked” as the order was for a whole bunch of 2 lb hams. Actually, this company received two such contracts, the other for over $2 million. Apparently, frozen ham is a key component in the rebuilding of California’s crumbling infrastructure…

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