Jul 13 2009

Coming Soon – The Battle Over The War On Terrorism

You can tell the liberal democrats are in deep trouble on the economy. Their last ditch, hail-mary move is to try and open up investigations against our own defenders during the years of the war on terror, which President Bush executed after 9-11. I plan to post on the latest Orwellian rewrite of history and the NSA-FISA dust up in the coming days (on travel today). To get an early  highlight check out Powerline and the recently released Inspectors General report on the Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Bottom line: after 9-11 we needed to investigate anyone who was in contact with known or highly suspected terrorists overseas. The NSA had been monitoring these communications, but because of hyper paranoid rules regarding “US Persons” who may be in the country communicating with our enemies, the NSA would literally throw away leads they gleaned accidentally.

After 9-11 these leads were simply passed to the FBI to investigate, and if there was a legitimate concern then the FBI would go to the FIS Court to gain full and unfettered wire tap authority on those persons in the US. Until this happens, only those communications with suspected or known terrorists overseas could be monitored and retained. Which means there could be a communications node who simply relays information between cells in the US and overseas masterminds – thwarting our efforts to identify and stop attacks before hundreds or thousands of Americans are killed.

The Liberal Democrats have tried this approach for 7 years under Bush, each time hitting the wall of public opinion which rationally understands intercepts from these suspected overseas hot beds of terror with persons in the US need to be investigated as soon as possible. It will be no different this time, as the GOP and conservatives remain more trusted to keep America safe.

Going after VP Cheney and others for the fact they kept this nation free from attack for all those years after 9-11 is a fool’s errand. A desperate fool’s errand. From fools who need to change the subject from their failed liberal stimulus experiment to something else where they can try and fling some mud. America will only look upon these acts as distractions, avoidance of the real economic security this nation requires to keep ourselves secure internationally.

It is simply a sign of how bad the liberals have screwed up that they will now try the show trial path against those who kept us safe from any repeats of 9-11. It is a sign that even they know their time is now limited, that they cannot win in 2010 or 2012 on the economy they screwed up addressing. It is a sign the wheels have come off the liberal fantasy bus. 

BTW, here is another clear sign of how bad things are for President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress:

Obama’s strong support numbers are sinking well  below 30%. I cannot see how they can avoid hitting rock bottom (20%) by the end of this summer’s endless job losses.

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  1. kathie says:

    All weekend long the Dems and their mouth pieces at State Media claimed that Dems said that Cheney hid a program from the congress for 8 years, and they were just briefed on it as it ended by the now head of the CIA. Of course they said that it may have never been operational, and they didn’t know what the program was, but it was bad, and should someone be tried for War Crimes.

    I will say it again, every War Crimes allegation against Bush and Co is over a leaked top secret program by the New York times and often by Frank Rich, who has been around long enough to have friends in high places. Every one is bogus, but repeated often enough to make to real.

    Then we find out through the Wall Street Journal that the program, never operational, was in memo form, to assassinate high profile al Queda operatives, like I presume, bin Laden, the Egyptian, and the one eyed guy. The horrors of it. Both Bush and Cheney nixed the program, 6 months after the memos were written, saying the CIA could kill them if their life was in danger trying to capture them. What a novel idea, really! I guess I’m more cowboy then diplomat, because I would have killed the bastards.

    So are the Dems now going to stand up and say it was a really bad idea. I guess they will treat the idea like “we will get them, dead or alive”.

  2. kathie says:

    Frank Rich wrote in The New York Times about 3 weeks ago, that he learned of an assassination team that Cheney put together, not much more information, which started congressional investigation I think.

    But what is the truth? Did Cheney order the CIA to put together a team, or did the CIA write a memo to the Executive suggestion that it would be possible to get Bin Laden and company with an assassination team as opposed to repeating the Russian debacle of sending in the Armed Forces in mass? Personally I believe it was the latter. Bush was always hesitant to send large numbers of armed forces into Afghanistan, because of the Russian experience (remember Bush and Putin were on speaking terms then and I’m sure traded advice), Afghanistan has inhospitable terrain, lack of educated population, and as Rummy said it is one big sand pile.

    Surely anybody with a brain would send in a team to assassinate the guy rather then to invade the whole country (unless it was a campaign promise). Just have a look at how it has worked to date with Obama’s push. Our guys are being killed all over the place, so are Great Britain’s. Is this really what we want? Do we want our guys killed to find a half dozen bad guys, and no prospect of building a better Afghanistan? I don’t think so!

  3. kathie says:

    Should have written this entry at the other post. Sorry!

  4. Frogg says:

    I hope this means we will see Cheney out again defending the Bush policies (and himself) over these allegations by the Dems. He will turn it right around on them, again.

  5. ivehadit says:

    Dems, B.R.I.N.G I.T O.N., PLEASE!

    hehehehe, what a gift!

  6. Terrye says:

    I am kind of getting to the place where I say, go ahead..give it your best shot. This tired old meme is wearing thin and the truth be told the Democrats are starting to look ridiculous.

    I would not be surprised if they did not back off the whole thing just like they have before.

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