Jun 26 2009

Rep John Boehner Burning Up The Democrats In Congress

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If you are not watching C-SPAN do so now. Rep John Boehner is going through the 300 page, 3:00 AM amendment to the 1200 page disastrous energy bill. He is reading it in and challenging many of the comments, tearing a new one for Waxman-Markey.

A few examples just jumped out. First off, it is mandated that the Secretary of Energy will be dictating federal energy standards to home owner associations to make sure new and existing homes and structures implement mandated energy savings. Another example was the requirement for homeowners to have an energy conservation study if they sell or upgrade their home. And mandates on officials to force all structures to the new standards. That includes training appraisers to accurately appraise homes as to their energy efficiency (not their real value). Including standards for acoustic standards (sound). I was not aware sound was a cause of CO2 or global warming. Must have some new whacky models in the IPCC.

While the house my squeak this by tonight, there is no way it will survive. Clearly the liberals dems went too far and threw so much truly scary crap in there everyone in opposition has endless ammunition to fire back before the Senate takes this up.

But what Boehner also did was signal the end of last minute, massive changes. He is spending about an hour or more doing this. And it is clear he will do it every time the Dems try to slide changes in without time to review.

My hat is off to John Boehner tonight – he is the hero of a nation on the brink of making a huge mistake. From his lips to God’s ears.

Update: The funniest comment was on studies to assess consumer spending habits which are counter to the bill’s intent. Boehner quipped (paraphrasing)” what we need a study as to why Americans don’t want to pay twice as much for half the quality”? So true.

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  1. crosspatch says:

    Our government has gone stark raving mad. They are completely insane.

  2. Terrye says:

    It passed. Just barely. The other day I saw a map at powerline blog. It was of the United States and all the states that would be hurt by the bill were in red, and the ones that might benefit were in green. All but one of the 8 Republicans that crossed over and voted with the idiot Democrats..came from those states. California, Washington and New Jersey.

    I just hope it dies in the Senate. If the GOP still had a majority, this thing would never have come up for a vote.

  3. Mike M. says:

    Obscene. Just obscene. People are angry. They need to STAY angry. And vent that anger on Election Day in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

  4. Jacqui says:

    I have a whole new appreciation for Rep Boehner. Another bill like the porkulus – passed but not even read….what is this country coming to.

    I think Americans should look to the people of Iran…we need to stop this madness now by getting out in the streets and let our feet to the talking….before it’s too late and we have a dictator in the WH….did you hear Obama on healthcare saying “I would not object to Americans keeping their own doctor” like he was a King not a President. No wonder he likes Chavez he wants to rule not govern.

  5. momdear1 says:

    What we have is Barack “Idi Amen” Obama consolidating his power like all the rest of the African despots who have preceded him in terrorizing their countrymen and looting their country’s treasuries. You better believe the corrupt Democratic Congressemen aiding and abetting in this travesty are getting their share of the country’s wealth. Nancy Pelosi’s investment in “energy saving” companies due to get millions under this bill, is just the most blatant example. All these hidden mandates with penalties are designed to make criminals of everyone who refuses to go along with the program. As for the suggestion we take to the streets ala the Iranians…Acorn’s rent a mob, paid for with our tax money, would surely out number us and get all the MSM coverage. Isn’t it time we demand that our Representatives in Wash. DC stop all these handouts to non government organizations working to destroy our constitutional Form of government? ? Why hasn’t someone challenged this wholesale giveaway to antiAmerican Dem. supporting orgs. in court.? It surely is unconstitutional. Note to the Republicans….If you ever get power back you better do something to prevent the wholesale looting of our treasury and the use of our tax money to undermine our system of government.

  6. kathie says:


    Well, those who voted on it could not remember much seeing as how it DOESN’T EXIST:
    Nobody could have read the bill the House passed last night because there is no bill. There apparently wasn’t time to pull together a finished product that accounted for the hundreds of pages of amendments because of Pelosi’s headlong rush to slam this lunacy through before anybody had a chance to learn what was actually in it. So there is no “it” that all the pages and pages of words can be found “in.” Democrats have passed a concept — not a bill.

  7. Mark78 says:

    The FBI just released, through FOIA to James Gordon Meek, documents on their interview with Saddam Hussein. Thought you might be interested. I did a post here with links to the documents here: http://regimeofterror.com/archives/2009/06/saddam_husseins_fbi_interview/

    al Qaeda, WMD’s and more was discussed and I plan to do more analysis in the coming days, weeks at the same link.

  8. crosspatch says:

    I don’t like the fact that a homeowners association will have the responsibility to ensure your compliance with energy regulations. Homeowner’s associations are NOT government agencies and do not have the authority to enforce federal regulations. Basically, the Democrats are taking all homeowners associations and placing them in the executive branch of government.

    Homeowners associations are already full of narcissistic busybodies as it is, sticking their noses into people’s business at every opportunity. Now they get another harassment tool to use on their neighbors.

  9. owl says:

    I appreciate Boehner reading some of this but better if he read the entire thing…………forever. Then at least the MSM would have had to report that those Pugs were doing another political stunt.

    At this point, it does not matter the issue or the truth of any matter. The media has to be confronted. Not by me. Not by you. It has to be confronted by someone that at least has a tiny bit of power. When I think about MSM and the harm they have caused this country, it makes me ill. They are America’s enemy and I am ready for someone to get in their faces.

    I elected officials to be my Voice. I want those Voices (all of them) to get in the media’s face. Not letters. In their faces. We would not be in this shape but for lying, silent MSM. Only big thing I see left is Obamacare since we are on our way to Global (the world, donchaknow) taxation and courts.

  10. Frogg says:

    First, our government (under Dem leadership) votes on bills they haven’t read. Next, they vote on the “idea” of a bill that hasn’t been written in final form yet? Why aren’t the American people in the streets over this???

  11. russellshih says:

    Sorry to see the vote in the House go the way it did. The vote in the Senate will be another story. The debate over global warming is interesting. I suspect thousands of years ago when the first paleo-indians crossed into what is now Alaska and continued on down into the United States they were quite startled to see the great glaciers of that time melting and fearing the onrushing water of the great seas and lakes they dimmed their campfires and eventually seeing no results the resorted to sacrifice to the old gods. Now some 15,000 years later again the new cave-dwellers of the vast canyons of the sprawling urban areas are again calling for the dimming of the campfires to stop the rising waters. And I’m sure given enough time will again call for the sacrifice of a virgin to appease the gods of science. Now where to find a virgin may present an entirely new problem. The chicken littles of the world will always be with us.

  12. Frogg says:

    I wonder how Rep Hoekstra’s call for an investigation into the so called “EPA suppressed report skeptical of global warming” will play into the Senate debate?

  13. AJStrata says:


    Better question – when the CBO scores the 300+ late pages and doubles the cost what will be the effect on the Senate!