Jun 08 2009

Rats Jumping From A Sinking Ship?

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This is very strange news indeed from the deep blue (democrat) state of New York:

Republicans appear to have retaken control of New York’s Senate after two dissident Democrats jumped the aisle.

The flip of senators Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens gives Republicans a 32-30 edge in the chamber.

Within an hour of the overthrow, Republicans named Mr. Espada temporary president of the Senate and Dean Skelos of Nassau County vice president and majority leader. Mr. Skelos is the former majority leader.

What do these two democrats know that the rest of us don’t know? Why leave the party in power and supposedly ascending to go to the GOP side? Interesting to say the least.

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10 Responses to “Rats Jumping From A Sinking Ship?”

  1. Terrye says:

    It might have something to do with same sex marriage.

    Once upon a time New York was a Republican state.

  2. kathie says:

    People like to be winners?

  3. lacegrl130 says:

    I woudl just like to say – Yippee! It mitigates all the ‘GOP Falling apart” that dominates the news…

  4. patch says:

    Having Monserrate on board is not a good thing.

    Go here:


    Scroll down to :

    Arrest and indictment

    He’s a nasty piece of work; and should not be in the Republican Party.

  5. sjreidhead says:

    Now I have some hope that things are going to change!

    Rasmussen has some fascinating numbers on the economy today.

    All in all, Obama has not had a very good day, but I’m feeling much better now!

    The Pink Flamingo

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  7. russellshih says:

    I know little about politics in New York State, but on the surface this sounds like good news and could be some type of trend. People will eventually have a fill of all this spending and the even increasing influence of “Big Brother”. A turning point will come, it always does.

  8. marksbbr says:

    It was exciting to read this. Not one, but two Dems join the other side of the aisle in New York of all states?!
    USA Today had an article about how Democrat candidates this fall will use the same strategy: linking their opponents to Bush. Corzine will definitely use this stratagem. At this rate, however, if the Obamessiah still can’t save the economy by summer’s end, being linked to Obama may hurt Democrats in November.

  9. Frogg says:

    There may have been a “pay to play scheme” gone bad. Or, should I say…”.typical political compromise” gone bad:

    Amigo Unrest Sparks Senate War

  10. Frogg says:

    Unrelated, but interesting news:

    Photo Fight: Lieberman and Graham threaten Senate shutdown