Nov 17 2005

Fly By 11/17/05

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Very short today due to all day meetings.

On the Woodward Plame escapades my expanding post is here, but I add to the mix this from Huffington (the frustration and anger just permeates the denial from the left).

The MSM gladly relegates our collective retirement to the dust bin of history, being the socialists they are.

The Global Warming farce continues apace. We have no scientific proof the warming of the earth is due to green house gas production from man-made sources, yet the far left keeps pretending that if we only kill off the economic engines of the Western economies nirvanna will appear. Ahh, to be young and ignorant and believe in fantasies again!

Get this News Flash: Lawyers are against ending diseases (must hurt their ability to sue and make money):

Lawyers’ lobby opposes legislation that would pour billions into efforts to curb pandemic diseases.

Those whacky democrats! What will they think of next?

And finally, Woodward has bought the MSM a clue!

The revelation that The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward may have been the first reporter to learn about CIA operative Valerie Plame could provide a boost to the only person indicted in the leak case: I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

That’s a wrap folks. Have a great day!

Some last minute updates:

Andrew McCarthy clobbers our feckless rep Senate.

A must read on the death of feminism (by their own silensce, no less) by Dr Sanity.

Don Surber links to an interesting post on AARP’s new image. And yes, I am also looking for some link love here. But Don made me!

And while I would love the traffic – this from Stop The ACLU just burns me up

That’s the charge of the group’s president, Chris Simcox, who points to a commercial for tonight’s “Law and Order” episode dealing with illegal immigration. Simcox has sent a letter to NBC demanding the network “cease and desist” airing the promo.

According to Simcox’s Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, the promo includes the following verbiage:

ANNOUNCER: Wednesday, new “Law and Order” … 12 immigrants, cooked alive in a boiling hot truck.
CHARACTER: You classify that as something going down?

ANNOUNCER: Was it murder? Or Minutemen protecting our borders?

This on top of another liberal wet dream on NBC where Christians terrorize a Mosque!

This is plain slander from immature hollywood execs and writers trying to protray real people making a real difference as the source of evil. Law & Order – is banned from my TVs. And if I find out a company is advertising during anyone of the variations of this trash – consider your product boycotted. Can you hear me now?

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