Jun 07 2009

Liberalism Exposed: “Unchecked Capitalism” Equals Good Jobs, Increased Standard Of Living

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Across Europe there is the dawning of a new realization. Capitalism creates good jobs, increases quality of life, provides personal time for exploring other areas of knowledge and creativity. Strong economies do raise all ships.

Liberalism means curtailing luxuries and struggling to make ends meet, it means endless dour predictions of doom, it means sacrificing your life’s work to give to others who do not deserve or have earned the rewards.

In other words, this world-wide economic crisis is exploding the liberal myth that caring is the same thing as performing:

The economic recession should have meant easy votes for Europe’s left-wing movements, longtime critics of unchecked capitalism.

Yet as Europe goes to the polls, left-leaning parties across the continent are looking likely to falter. That’s true both for those in government, such as in the U.K. and Spain, and in the opposition — such as France, Germany and Italy.

France’s Socialist Party is trying hard to rally voters ahead of Sunday’s European parliamentary elections. “Let’s unite with all the French who contest free market, unfair policies that aim at deregulating everything,” party leader Martine Aubry urged at a pre-election rally.

Yet less than 20% of voters say they plan to cast their ballot for the Socialist Party, according to recent surveys. That would be a weak performance considering France’s main opposition party got 29% of the votes in the last European parliamentary elections.

Why is the left stumbling? For the same reason the Democrats in the US are stumbling – their promises are not coming true, their policies are not bringing the guaranteed Nirvana, businesses are folding as the ‘rich’ get soaked, which only makes life worse for those who need a good job.

While the left fails they also promise much more of the same on energy and health care – two areas that must be sending chills across kitchen tables everywhere. No jobs, risky schemes on health care, failed education systems and a promise to raise the price of energy – and the left wonders why they are losing support?

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  1. crosspatch says:

    The left is losing bigtime in Europe’s elections today for the European Parliament.

    Looks like the Socialists are going to be knocked out of the majority in the Spanish delegation. Germany is moving right. Poland moving even farther right, the Labour Party in the UK is facing a repeat of the results of the county councils.

    Center-right parties are cruising to victory. Obama and the Democrats are losing their lefty allies in Europe.

  2. giantslor says:

    Where’s your evidence? Everything I’ve seen suggests Obama and the Democrats are far more popular than the Republicans. Also, I never heard any Democrat promise Nirvana. They all say that times are tough and likely to get worse before they get better. And which ‘rich’ are getting soaked, and which businesses is this causing to close?

    Far from sending chills across kitchen tables everywhere, Americans overwhelmingly support health care reform. It’s one reason they elected Obama.

    This post is seriously lame. It’s just a bunch of bluster that runs counter to everything I’ve read, and I read widely. Try harder next time.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I wouldn’t say that the Democrats are “far” more popular. They lead in the generic Congressional ballot by a single percentage point. Obama won the election by the same margin Bush did in 2004. Democrat Congressional races are often decided by a few thousand votes from dead people. The Democrats picked up seats in 2006 and 2008 but by VERY slim margins in many races requiring them to reach into their back of dirty tricks and “discover” new ballots long after the election and disallow military absentee ballots.

    In Minnesota you have an election for a Democrat that is less than 400 votes ahead where there are nearly 3000 votes from dead people. The Democrats seem to be much more popular with the dead than with the living.