Nov 13 2005

RINO Sightings 11/14/05

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I have jumped into the breach to host this week’s RINO sightings, but due to personal commitments I will not be able ‘set the stage’ like I did last time! This should make Don Suber immensely happy! 😉

So, why don’t we simply charge ahead and see what the RINOs have to offer this week!

Commissar was the first to submit a post, demonstrating how he was able to reach the 1 million visitor mark. Don’t miss Beth’s interview with Commissar on this impressive milestone.

Gay Orbit dicusses gas price gouging and how we the people are the ones being robbed blind.

Barry at Enrevanche refers us to a Pew Research Center test which will let you determine (or confirm) your political leanings. I doubt they have a category for RINO.

Mark Coffey at Decision ’08 reviews the top crop of potential Democrat and Republican presidential candidates. I wonder what Mark will call his blog after 2008??

A Typical Joe has this post relaying how some in our society are on the outside looking in – but all of us, in and out, need to be respectful to each other.

JBD discusses the recent revolution of the moderates in the House and Senate regarding ANWR, taxes and budget cuts. The moderates are more emboldened and demanding their due in return for their votes.

Dean’s World introduces us to political scientist Rudy Rummel who is exploring the concept that democracy’s tend strive for peace.

Orac at Respectful Insolence has a historic perspective on the anniversary of Kristallnacht and the rise of the Nazis in Germany.


My apologies Scott – I had to race through this last night to help the wife prepare for a trip today! For those who missed it (and did not tell me) I left the link off Scott’s submission below.


Scott at the Environmental Republican treats us to a poignant Veteran’s Day post regarding ‘The Greatest Generation’. Scott’s neighbor Ed could be my father who is also a WW II veteran in his mid 80’s now.

Election Countdown 2008 posts on the recent pullback in Congress regarding ANWR and predicts the next president will not hail from Congress.

Pigilito explores all the things that could have gone wrong in France as that country experienced days and days of public unrest.

Say Uncle I think surprises himself as a RINO runs to the defense of Pat Robertson.

The Bostonian Exile postulates that the dumbing down of America, at least in political debate, has its roots in the invention of ‘Talking Points’ – a theory I can accept.

ROFASix ponders the legalization of Peyote. The subtitle could be ‘Christian Missionaries meet the American Indians’. Good stuff (now, did I mean the post or the peyote?).

Doug at Below The Beltway (I am curious where this might be in VA) also has an extensive post on the cave in by Congress regarding ANWR, comparing Republicans to Democrats Lite.

Point of View discusses the very serious subject of the FEC and the freedom of Bloggers – who are citizens of this great country.

Kevin at Louisiana Libertarian exposes the Louisiana Legislature’s focus on corporate relief while ignoring the good people themselves.

Phin’s Blog is promoting an innovative idea for using obsolete military ships for emergency relief and disaster response.

Finally, Eric at Classical Values theorizes that Rick Santorum is running an anti-incumbency campaign. Does that mean he is challenging himself?


Hey, what about my post!


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  1. Don Surber says:

    Edwards Is Wrong About Being Wrong

    This is an open post. … Strata-Sphere hosts RINO Sightings.

  2. AJ, thanks for hosting on such short notice…after 2008, I will call my blog…hmmm….have to think about that one…have a good one!

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  8. Carnival Monday

    And then there’s this week’s RINO Sightings which is up at The Strata-Sphere and includes my post about the latest Republican cave in.

  9. scott says:

    Thanks for the nice words you had for my ost. Could you please hypelink to it:

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