Nov 09 2005

News Media: US Should Surrender, Little Girls Can Die

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Latest death toll in Jordan for the liberals to lash out at Bush with.


Check out this post by Stan at Two Minute Offense regarding a CNBC producer’s comments on the bombings in Jordan today:

CNBC has been running with the story about the bombings in Jordan. A little while ago they had an NBC News producer on to talk about the significance. He said that it looks like Al Qaeda. If so, US officials will have to think seriously about whether their anti-terror policies are effective.

Did you get that?!!!!!

If terrorists are able to set off suicide bombs in Jordan, it must be George W. Bush and his policies which are at fault. Apparently, Dubya should be able to stop suicide bombers everywhere in the world.

The liberal media is obsessed with the US losing or surrendering to terrorists. At each key milestone in Iraq they and the liberal pols keep pleading to surrender and leave before we actually win the day! The media and left are so ghoulish that the blood of the dead and wounded has not grown cold in the streets before they come running out with their political claptrap.

When did Bush or the US hold a gun to the terrorists’ heads and force them to do this?

Explosions ripped through three hotels in the Jordanian capital Wednesday night, killing at least 20 persons and wounding dozens, police and witnesses said.

Ten people were killed at the Grand Hyatt, police said, and a total of 10 more at the Radisson SAS and Days Inn.

As ambulances raced through the darkened streets and police and soldiers took up positions around the city, information about the nearly simultaneous attacks was scarce and often conflicting. Police at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the most heavily damaged of the three, said a bomb had gone off in the hotel’s basement. But Jordan’s official news agency, quoted by news services, said all three blasts were caused by suicide bombers.

Which brings me to this post at Michelle Malkin’s which had my blood boiling. If not for a late call to retrieve my mother from her hospital stay I was going to post a flame-thrower on the media’s misplaced priorities:

Severing the heads of three innocent Christian schoolgirls apparently wasn’t enough for the jihadists in Sulawesi. Tonight, Dog Pundit sends word of two more attacks. Catholic World News reports:

    Two more girls were shot in the head in the evening of November 8 in Poso, in central Sulawesi– a province marred by months of bloodshed, as Muslims have clashed with Christians. The two girls are in critical condition in a local hospital.

    [AJStrata: from another source]

    This latest attack also underscores the level of danger to Christians in the Poso area. This attack comes on the heels of 40 or more attacks against the Christian community, including shootings, killings, and major bombings. There have not been any convictions or arrests in any of these attacks.

Why is this not on the news? Why is the brutality of the terrorist enemy we face not being accurately portrayed? A good news media, especially one supposedly aligned with the well being of children, the poor, etc., plays a central role in bringing to light these kinds of atrocities in order to energize the populace so someone can put an end to them. But our media has more important things – like what Joe Wilson has recently lied about.

Here is a face to put on these atrocities.

The girls pictured here are from some picture I found, they are not associated with the attacks. But nameless, faceless news is bad enough. No news is a crime. Our media is so fever struck with partisanship they cannot allow this kind of story to get out and provide Bush and his efforts credence. It would allow Americans to viscerally experience the threats we face. No, it is better to talk abstractly about policies than the human element in all of this. And to hide the truth.

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  5. stan says:


    Thanks for the link.

  6. California Girl says:

    For those who want to honor the victims and put a face to the first three (beheading) victims, there are autopsy photos at Dog Pundit.


    As Dog Pundit says, “A terrible crime has been committed in Poso, in Central Sulawasi, Indonesia, which for several years has seen sectarian violence against the Christian minority. Thugs have beheaded 3 Christian 16 year old girls walking back from school….
    WARNING: the following image from Reuters Alertnet is disturbing, but documents the absolutely inhuman and barbaric cruelty of the Islamic militants.”

    The link is
    but be very sure before you click on it–they’re not easy pictures to get out of your head. But I think people need to face the reality of what we’re dealing with here.