Nov 06 2005

Human Worth

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Captain Ed poinst to Dafydd at Big Lizards who has a quote from a liberal extremist, under oath no less, regarding the worth of humand and animal life (via this Robert Novak article):

Dr. Jerry Vlasak of North American Animal Liberation was quoted as saying at an animal rights convention: “I don’t think you’d have to kill, assassinate too many. I think for five lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, or 10 million non-human lives.”

Questioned by Inhofe whether he was “advocating the murder of individuals,” Vlasak replied: “I made that statement, and I stand by that statement.”

5 humans = a million rats?

The average pair of rats can produce 2,000 offspring a year, although it was usually a quarter of this number, according to rat expert Stephen Battersby.

“I would think there is one rat for every person in the UK,” he said.

5 humans = a million cockroaches?

5 humans = 1 million sea snakes?

5 humans = 1 million cats?

In 2000 the domestic cat population was estimated at 400 million worldwide

More from this nutcase:

Sen. Inhofe: So you call for the murder of researchers and human lives?

Vlasak: I said in that statement and I meant in that statement that people who are hurting animals and who will not stop when told to stop, one option would be to stop them using any means necessary and that was the context in which that statement was made.

Sen. Inhofe: Including murder, is that correct?

Vlasak: I said that would be a morally justifiable solution to the problem.

Vlasak as some personal issues it seems. Much more at Captain Ed’s.

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  1. Snapple says:

    It would seem that it should be against the law to advocate terrorist murder.

    In England a terrorist was arrested and convicted (Ithink) for soliciting murder.

    Now this guy did it under oath right in Congress. So everyone heard it. And he is not some ignorant red-necked militiaman. This guy is an MD.

    Things have gotten pretty bad.

    We tell the Pakistanis that they have to reign in their imams and stop teaching hate in their schools, but we have some issues here, too.