Nov 04 2005

Fly By 11/04/05

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This is going to be a blog heavy Fly By – at least to begin with.

Dr. Sanity has a great (and lengthy! – fair warning) post on how the left lost its way from their peak in the mid 1900’s to where they are today.

At this very moment, every issue supported by the Left, and almost all of the behavior exhibited by the Left is completely antithetical to classical liberal philosophies. There is no longer a commitment to personal liberty or to freedom. The Left is far to busy to promote freedom for the common man or woman, because their time is taken up advocating freedom for tyrants who oppress the common man; terrorists who kill the common man; and religious fanatics who subjugate the common woman.

Where once they stood for freedom; they now enable dictatorships and apologize for tyrants. Where once they sought to bring justice to the world; they now defend horrific acts of mass murder and enslavement. Where once they rightly demanded equal opportunity, they have embraced all kinds of racial quotas and discriminatory practices and demand equality of outcome. Where once they sought to empower the weak; they are now instrumental in maintaining and expanding their victimhood.

After reading Dr. Sanity’s forceful post on liberals aligning against America and with terrorists, it is good then review this detailed post/article on one of those vicious terrorists the left wants us to leave alone. There are some brutal sections in this – another fair warning.

Both were instructed by Ahmad Fadil Nazal al-Khalayleh to carry out a chemical mega attack. At least 80,000 people could have been killed in this terrorist attack, the Jordanian authorities believe. Had the attack been successful, “this would have torn to pieces the entire Middle East,” Jordanian GID officers say today, “because without state support from Syria and Iran, Al-Khalayleh’s career would never have come to this point.”

The Anchoress has a detailed post on all the Clinton administration statements on Iraq WMDs in 1998, and highlights the hypocrisy of the agenda driven liberal media.

How can one administration’s use of intelligence be reasonable and credible, but another administration’s use of the same intelligence be an unreasonable lie?

In 1998, the US was certain that Saddam Hussein was acquiring and developing WMD, and that he posed a credible threat. The president said it. His party said it. The opposition party agreed. The press said it. England said it. Israel said it. France said it. China and Russia said it. EVERYONE said it. EVERYONE accepted it. These were the intelligence reports, and everyone found them believable.

No one acted on them, but no one declared they were false, either.

The Anchoress is on a rightous tear, demanding full investigations into why Clinton and all his people (and the NY Times and Washington Post) were true believers in Saddam’s WMDs pre 9-11. Think about that. 9-11 somehow convinced them to trust Saddam more!

And if you still need evidence the liberals have gone mad trying to legally tie up the Bush administration, just take a look at this

KERRVILLE, Texas, Nov. 3 — A Texas county official said Thursday he will not prosecute presidential adviser Karl Rove after investigating whether he voted illegally in the state.

Where Rove votes became an issue after The Washington Post reported in September that he received a homestead tax deduction on his Washington residence, while also claiming an exemption for a Texas residence he later sold.

The Posts starts a scandal (probably on Page A1), and when it falls flat they report the results on Page A12. Classic propoganda.

As I have said many times – if you own stock in the NY Times, Washington Post or other liberal media outlets I suggest you consider what to do with it. The MSM has only one thing of value: a reputation for fair, balanced and objective reporting. Due to decades long hiring practices that gutted these institutions of the broad American view, focusing on the narrow liberal views, this is what has been the result:

Newspaper publisher Washington Post Co. said Friday its third-quarter profit fell 19 percent, weighed down by hurricane-related charges and lost revenue at its cable division.

Earnings after preferred dividends fell to $66.3 million, or $6.89 per share, in the three months ended Oct. 2 from $82.2 million, or $8.57 per share, last year.

It is just beginning folks. Only 20% or so of the population tows the liberal line. You cannot win market share when you focus on that small demographic.

As for Fitzgerald, having state and federal prosecutors in the broader family I feel confident in saying Fitz is still an idiot for indicting someone for NOT outing Valerie Plame to the press despite inside knowledge of her role in Wilson’s trip and her place of employment. I am not the only one.

Clarice Feldman (who graciously linked to this site a while back) has a good take on what we need to investigate (the Wilsons and the CIA of course)

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Klintoon used Sadaam for Lewinski cover, and the Dems wholeheartedly agreed. Now that Klintoon is gone, Dem Amnesia has conveniently ovetaken the Minority and history rewriting is upon them and their mouthpiece, the MSM.
    Bush Lied! Say a Lie often enough, and the Moonbats will listen. With the MSM parroting the Dems, WMD were never mentioned prior to Bush taking office.

    Read Bill Bennett’s Excellent column, Overt Inconsistency from NRO this morning. He says it all so much better then I ever could.

    Remember the Dems main talking point: A blowjob in the WH never got anybody killed. Bush Lied!!

  2. […] You’ll want to read Clarice Feldman’s whole piece, linked above. These do seem to be questions worth asking…but they are only being asked on the internet, not by the incurious press. H/T AJ Strata. […]