Oct 31 2005

Alito For US SC

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For those interested, Mark Coffey has set up a watering hole for the nomination of Alito at Politechnical.

Bad choice in my opinion. I know the Miers treatment probably scared off a lot of good candidates – but we really needed another woman on the bench. I am not for affirmative action, but where there no woman willing to step up? You should never attempt to tackle Roe with a bunch of old white guys…

Miers did prove the right was more reactive than strategic.

Oh well, guess the rightwing punditry will have to do all the heavy lifting on this one. I have no clue who Alito is and will be withholding commentary – pro or con – until his hearings. But it looks to be another pyrrhic win in DC (we seem to swimming in them from Miers, to Libby, etc).

Enjoy the debate!

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2 Responses to “Alito For US SC”

  1. Mahon says:

    I presume you mean Roe and not Rove. Miers should have been treated better, but her selection was uninspiring (my guess is that it was mostly Laura’s work in converting a GWB temptation to an appointment.) Alito is clearly the kind of person ‘most any Republican would want on the Court, and we should all get on board. Some have behaved badly, but that is no reason not to keep your eyes on the prize.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Yes, I have been typing Rove a lot these days – so it seems to be on auto pilot.

    Note: we all have different prizes are eyes are on. I am not stopping anyone from making the case for Alito. I think it was a bad choice for the O’Connor seat because there should have been a qualified woman around to select. Politics is not logic or formulas. This is not going to light a lot of fires in the base.