Jun 06 2005

WA State Decision

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Michelle Malkin is live blogging this historic event, which can also be heard live on TVW.

More once it comes out.


The judge just through up his hands on the felon votes. Dems found supposedly 4 illegal votes for Rossi (can you trust a felon to tell the truth?) which were taken away from Rossi and one for the Green Party candidate – no change to Gregoire’s total. Judge says there is no way to determine if the other felons even voted for either or any candidate. Same logic apears to apply for dead voters. 6 individuals double voted (valid voters) but no indication for whom they voted for – another punt? Absentee ballot problems (voterless ballots) also unresolved in terms of actual candidate voted for. Provisional ballots also addressed -accurately in terms of all the identified problems – but again there is no way to determine whether they even voted for governor in many cases, or which candidate they voted for if they did vote for governor. Not looking like GOP will win this one.


Judge now going through the errors in King County. Evidence of problems, but elections are imperfect. No evidence of deliberate bad intentions behind the errors (seems to be falling on the “new SW was no good” excuse. Valid point about the election monitors being in place. Elections are a honor-of-the-voter system so election workers cannot challenge people claiming the right to vote. No proof that more problems were in King County and in Gregoire heavy precincts. Statics thrown out (of course he is not an expert in statistics and he threw out the assumptions). Method of proportionate deduction (well established process) thrown out based on a non-scientific concept of ecological fallacy. Dems will win this one.


The judge determined a felon, being male, may be more a factor in voting? OK, that is a sexist and biased theory of statistics. Courts should tread lightly (agree). Summed up lots of illegal votes as fact, but appears ready to throw is hands up and say who knows?

Illegal ballots OK if the are accepted by poll workers. OK, that is weird and takes a lot of illegal ballots out of consideration. Leaves 1678 illegal votes still under consideration. Judge establishing basis for scientific testimony (preparing for his final determination and the appeals process) and knocks down proportional analysis (which has a lot of basis in fact). Selective data sets are of no use (didn’t the GOP say this during Gore’s fight in FL – yes I think they did).

drum roll…………..

Gives preference for Gregoire election win even after use of statistical analysis (this is truly wrong since he is not an expert in statistics). GOP LOSES!

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