Oct 26 2005

Hitch Marches Galloway To The Gallows

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Figuratively speaking of course! I will not even attempt to ‘translate’ Hitchens here – it is best experienced in its native from. But a tidbit is not out of line:

A member of the British Parliament was in receipt of serious money originating from a homicidal dictatorship. That money was supposed to have been used to ameliorate the suffering of Iraqis living under sanctions. It was instead diverted to the purposes of enriching Saddam’s toadies and of helping them propagandize in favor of the regime whose crimes and aggressions had necessitated the sanctions and created the suffering in the first place. This is something more than mere “corruption.” It is the cynical theft of food and medicine from the desperate to pay for the palaces of a psychopath.


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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Another Classic Hitch:

    “I wonder if any of those who furnished him a platform will now have the grace to admit that they were hosting a man who is not just a pimp for fascism but one of its prostitutes as well.”

    No one does a fisking quite like Christopher.