Oct 26 2005

AP In Denial

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The media-formally-known-as-mainstream are so giddy over possible indictments in the Plame Game – their very own Watergate! – that they have missed the big story: we have a democratic Iraqi government who will be our ally in the War on Terror. IBD points out how the AP had to bury this news in order to make sure reality did not intrude into their little fantasy world.

Mock The Vote
Posted 10/25/2005

Iraq: Did anyone notice that voters overwhelmingly approved the country’s draft constitution? Probably not anyone who was reading the AP’s account of history.

But it was there, 25 paragraphs into a 34-paragraph report:

“The vote on the constitution was 78.59% in favor of ratification and 21.41% against, the commission said.”

Almost 80%. Isn’t that significant enough to be found at the top of the story? A near 4-to-1 margin would be considered a landslide in any election in this country. It’s a loud message that demands attention.

You know, I think it is about time for America to say we have had enough of the media’s belittlement of the efforts and sacrifices we have made in Iraq. These ghouls trot out death statistics to call for a rapid surrender before we have a clear victory – but hide the fruits of that sacrifice.

This cannot stand. AP needs to be put on notice. And anyone posting AP stories needs to be put on notice. You can have your views, you cannot trash the success bought with the precious lives of American soldiers. This must end. If we need to boycott you people out of our lives, then so be it. But to relegate the greatest news and success since we overthrew the Taliban to the tail end of lot of stories is just a cold hearted cheap shot.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    LA Slimes above the fold: 2,000 milestone (of course)

    Iraq Passes Constitution: Page A9

    If it is the Times front page, look for a Bash Bush article, a Bash Arnie Article, and a fluff wish we were all Socialist Article.

    Of course today they also have a 16 yr old convicted of Murder who has a Nun n his side, trying to get him out of Jail.