Oct 18 2005

Anti Miers Crowd Busted

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In a shocker, the Anti-Miers crowd was busted today with the revelation that in 1989 Miers was against nearly all abortions. This is what happens when you blindly follow the likes of David Frum, who is probably on a personal vendetta and not really concerned with the national issue of abortions in this country.

The anti-Miers crowd may now be seated, and please try and behave from here on. All of us who did not lurch into immediate fits of anger and panic simply asked for proof that Miers would be a closet liberal- but all you gave us were Vulcan mind tricks.

Now we find out you called us to civil war, and to rise up against our President, on false, not just flimsy but false, information. The base has never been behind you, and you have embarrassed all of us in your emotional tirades and lashing out at Bush and those who dared disagree with you. Thanks, but I personally think you have done enough damage for one month.

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  2. fatman says:

    People can change their minds, AJ. Anthony Kennedy changed his on the subject of imposing the death penalty on minors in capital crimes. Harry Blackmun (may he rot in hell) changed his mind about the death penalty in general, or at least modified his position on it.

    If a justice isn’t committed to a strict, literal interpretation of the law (Constitutional or legislative), then s/he can read just about anything into just about any law s/he wants. That’s how we ended up with Roe v. Wade in the first place. And I’m equally certain it played a major part in the Court’s upholding another piece of abortion legislation known as McCain-Feingold.

    Not speaking for anyone but myself, that’s what worries me so much about Meirs, not whether she’s conservative enough. Frankly, the thought of a conservative version of Anthony Kennedy, Harry Blackmun or Earl Warren scares me as much as the fact of the liberal versions.


  3. MikesAmerica says:

    With Alito out of the Judiciary Committee it may be time for a look back on at the process and how the conservative split may have encouraged Democrats in their Alito attacks and overt politicization of the confirmation process.

    Oh, and a note about Frum. You hit the nail on the head. It was evident that there was a personal conflict there. Otherwise Frum would not have said Miers should be fired as WH Counsel the day after she withdrew.

    You may know there is always tension between the speech writers and gangs of WH lawyers that want to dilute the speech with legalisms.