Oct 17 2005

Base Behind Miers

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While the David Frum’s on the rightside punditry get all emotional, angry and personal they have gone well beyond the base on the issue of Harriet Miers. Maybe it is because the conservative base still prefers professional courtesy and simple human respect when dealing with all issues. And the tone of those like NRO’s Frum are seen as a mimic of mad liberals. This has decidedly not worked.

Latest Survey USA poll shows a Con/Rep breakdowns on the order 44% support and 12% against, with around another 44% undecided.

That means the rabid anti-Miers crowd is marginalizing themselves to an extent very rarely seen in politics. 88% ain’t buying what the Frum’s are selling. 4 to 1 against is really pretty bad (support vs oppose). But 8 – 1 is a disaster.

Now the anti-Miers crowd are losing other conservative factions because they called for a civil war with nothing but scary fairytales to back up their claims.

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  1. Not only that, AJ, but the results seem to indicate that a large number of respondents are chillin’ and waiting for the hearings to decide…