Oct 13 2005

Mired In Miers

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I am stunned at how many conservative voices I used to respect are jumping off the cliff over Miers – someone they admit they do not know enough about to determine her core beliefs. They don’t like Bush vouching for her, so they attack Bush and her. The latest to go over the cliff – poor Peggy Noonan.

Well, everyone makes mistakes – but all at once? Remember the challenge of the ‘moderates’: bring absolute proof of the pending doom by Miers’ hand if you want us to join in destroying the next three years of conservative progress. Does Noonan? Of course not. She fantasizes about the outcome:

I think I know what White House aides are thinking.

They’re thinking: This is the part of my memoir where we faced the daily pounding of our allies. They’re thinking: This is the “Churchill Alone” chapter. They’re thinking: He was like a panther in the jungle night. For five years he sat, watchful, still as marble, his eyes poised upon his prey. And then he sprang in a sudden burst of sleek-muscled focus, and when it was over his face was unchanged but for the scarlet ring of blood around his mouth. But enough about George Will. They’re thinking: That’s good, save it for later.

Can we please stop with the mind reading games folks! Of course not:

Can this marriage be saved? George W. Bush feels dissed and unappreciated…

More mind reading.

One senses that the critics will gain, as they’ve been gaining, and that the White House is on the losing side.

One would know better if one read the polls verses trying to ‘sense’…[I wonder, is this the 6th or 9th sense she is using??]

Simply going at their critics was not only destructive, it signaled an emptiness in their arsenal. If they had a case they’d have made it. “You’re a sexist snob” isn’t a case; it’s an insult, one that manages in this case to be both startling and boring.

They did make their case – you zealots did not buy it. And as I said before, there are people out there making sexist comments. No one said all the anti-Miers crows were sexist. Get a grip folks.

The Miers pick was a mistake. The best way to change the story is to change the story. Here’s one way.

Before we fisk her fantasies, there is another way: The anti-Miers crowd admit they have nothing firm or tangible therefore it is wrong for them to call on Bush to back down and the base to rise up. But fanatics cannot grasp the concept they are throwing out baseless charges, nearly all of them coming by way of strange mental powers to read minds and hearts at great distances. OK, the Noonan fantasies

The full Tim McCarthy. He was the Secret Service agent who stood like Stonewall and took the bullet for Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton. Harriet Miers can withdraw her name, take the hit, and let the president’s protectors throw him in the car.

Disgusting analogy. Tim McCarthy did one of the bravest things for his president. He gave his life. What are you going to give for this President Peggy? Are you going to give up on this tirade of yours?

The rest of the article is ridiculous. Peggy, you are one excellent speech writer and, by all accounts, a wonderful person. You are not President or presidential material. You are not an expert on judges anymore than I am. But at least I do not kid myself and pretend I know Miers or Bush’s rationale on selecting Miers.

I simply trust bush because I voted for him to do these things! I voted for him knowing he was going to select maybe 3 US SC justices. I trusted him then (at least over Kerry) and I trust him still to do the best he can.

Peggy, how about ending the Benedict Arnold act. Arnold felt he was doing what was right for the country and its people and had delusions of grandeur above his station. Don’t repeat that mistake. The base ain’t buying this revolt of the talking heads.


BTW, I am not the only one finding the right wing punditry over the top. Here is a post on Laura Ingraham’s show from this morning at Alamo Nation. I have not been able to listen to talk radio ever since the Miers uproar. I am just not into all the fanatical tirades.

Also check out Fred Barnes today on the implosion of the con-pundits.

Finally, more polls are showing no Miers backlash, but I guarantee you there is a punditry backlash coming. You can only insult Miers and Bush backers for so long before the damage cannot be repaired.

Despite vocal opposition from many Republican activists, most Republicans across the county support the President’s selection. Fifty-four percent (54%) of the GOP faithful say the President’s nominee should be confirmed. Only 17% disagree.

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  1. LuckyBogey says:

    AJ – You are starting to worry me! I respectfully disagree! Try to understand the debate and the future of the GOP. The poll you reference only has 269 Conservative Republicans polled. That is not spin as you suggest! As you know, any poll can be used for the writers’ purposes. This poll does not constitute acceptance of this nomination!

    As far as Peggy, she speaks for most of us I believe and offers a way out of this mess:

    “The White House can think of this–and should think of it–as an unanticipated gift. A good fight can clear the air; a great battle can result in resolution and recommitment. No one wants George W. Bush turned into Jimmy Carter, or nobody should. The world is a dangerous place, and someone has to lead America”

    I offer the following as examples of why this nomination will be redrawn:

    A Relevant Issue – Will She Recuse? http://polipundit.com/wp-comments-popup.php?p=10483&c=1

    And at http://www.opinionjournal.com/diary/?id=110007398

    ……… the Liberty Legal Institute, the only conservative legal foundation in Texas, has declined to endorse her. Several large GOP donors in Texas have met to discuss spending large sums to run ads calling on Ms. Miers to withdraw. “They include both male and female friends of hers who don’t think the confirmation process will be good for her or the country,” one told me. “They’re not sexists, they’re realists.” This even though the White House has ominously put out the word in Texas: “If you oppose this nomination, you oppose the president.” ….

    At from Rush’s (another conservative leader you don’t like now) website: “A former Texas lottery official, who claimed that then-Gov. George W. Bush’s desire to cover up his National Guard record helped steer decisions about a key lottery contract, said he wants to talk to senators about Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers’ possible role in that effort.

    link here

    I could offer more reasons such as the VP and Rove were not involved in this selection. It is not un-American to disagree on this nomination. We both have the same goals–we only disagree the manner in solving this internal crisis…..

  2. AJStrata says:


    I know you admire Noonan, but a Miers loss will split this party. I will not support Reps who attack a fellow rep without cause and proof. Disagreeing is fine – calling for an uprising without substantial evidence to support the call is not fine. And the comments from the Anti-Miers crowd have been abysmal.

    Sorry, but if those who want to risk the next three years and two election cycles need a lot more than what I have seen, and Noonan is a perfect example of claims based on mind reading….

  3. Jeff says:

    I’ve probably harped on this enough, but here’s one more time: How do we know that she’ll move left, as everone seems to be assuming? Given the apparent lack of written evidence of her political tendencies, we don’t know that she won’t move to the right.

    Wouldn’t that be a hoot.