Jan 31 2009

Victory In Iraq – Democracy Flourishes

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Major Update: From a tip I saw over at Black Five, this election is more historic than I first thought. The al Qaeda version of Islam designates women as property which can be stoned for transgressing strict male rules. In Iraq’s version of Islam they are an army of up and coming political leaders:

Four thousand women are running for office in Iraq’s provincial elections Saturday, and many of them will be guaranteed seats under an electoral quota system.

4,000 women! No liberal whining and begging at the UN ever was able to create that kind of freedom and opportunity for women in oppressed lands. So, someone explain to me how Al Gore or John Kerry would have been able to pull this off with Saddam Hussein in power? They couldn’t – of course! Which means they were willing to leave the Iraqis as playthings for powerful and sick despots. Which is the difference between liberals and conservatives.

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For the blindered liberals who refuse to admit we have succeeded in Iraq, today must be most irksome. Iraqis are gathering at the voting booths to select their leaders, in the largest Arab/Muslim Democracy on the face of the Earth:

Voters turned out early and calmly on Saturday for Iraq’s provincial elections, the first in the country for four years. By noon, halfway through the voting, no one had been reported injured or killed.

More than 14,000 candidates are competing for 440 seats in 14 of Iraq’s 18 provinces. The seats are for provincial councils that control municipal budgets and have the power to hire and fire people, giving successful candidates a great deal of power and influence in a nation with high unemployment.

Turnout appeared high in Anbar province, an overwhelmingly Sunni area that largely boycotted the 2005 elections because of threats by Sunni insurgents and opposition to the U.S.-led invasion. Sunnis’ participation now is considered critical to restoring balance to regional politics, perhaps undercutting a reason for violence.

“I just voted and I’m very happy,” Mukhalad Waleed, 35, said in the city of Ramadi in Anbar province. “We could not do the same thing the last time because of the insurgency. “

al Qaeda dares not attack these Arab Muslims. Their prior efforts resulted in the Awakening which swept across the country (and the region) and was aimed at destroying al Qaeda. When George Bush invaded Iraq al Qaeda was cheered for 9-11. Now that he has left office Iraq hunts down al Qaeda as its enemy, and is now a democratic ally of America.

That is change you can believe in – with your own lying eyes! Great round up from The Anchoress.

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  2. kathie says:

    I know it is simplistic to some, but winning is a good thing. It’s good for our soldiers and their families to have fought in the name of freedom and to have won. It is good for the American people to have supported freedom and to have won. It is good for the deciders to have decided that freedom is worth fighting for and to have won. Were mistakes made, as always, yes, but in the end we got it right and we won and that is a good thing. For some loosing seemed like a good thing at the time but the long term consequences was beyond their imagination. Strong horses find a way to win, and we did. Now that is a message that many need to see and they did and that is a good thing. Thank you George W. Bush, you fought the fight and won, and that is a good thing! Who knows this strong horse best, the Iraqi people and that is a good thing.

  3. kathie says:

    I wonder how many days it will take for Obama to comment on the Iraqi election today? I wonder what he might say? His words will tell us something about his foreign policy aspirations.

  4. Terrye says:


    Obama lacks the grace to comment on the election in Iraq.

    But you know this has to be a proud day for our military.

    I am so glad it went well.

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  6. See that simple Purple finger.

    If we had used it would Obama have won?

  7. kathie says:

    I was wondering what Obama would say and when, today we know both. This man is insufferable, ungracious and ungrateful to our men in uniform, to our country and to our achievement.

    Barack Obama congratulated the UNITED NATIONS on these peaceful elections.
    ABC News reported:

    US President Barack Obama has praised Iraq’s provincial elections as an “important step forward” for the future of the country.

    “This important step forward should continue the process of Iraqis taking responsibility for their future,” Mr Obama said in a statement after millions of Iraqis went to the polls to elect councils in 14 or Iraq’s 18 provinces.

    Security for the country’s first ballot since 2005 was extremely tight, with Iraqi police and military deployed in force, and Mr Obama praised the technical assistance by the United Nations and other organisations to Iraq’s electoral commission, which he said “performed professionally under difficult circumstances.”

    Mr Obama said “it is important that the councils get seated, select new governors and begin work on behalf of the Iraqi people who elected them.”
    The United States still has 130,000 soldiers stationed in Iraq. The country has seen a major turnaround due to the Bush Surge in 2007.

    The president’s statement was not posted on the White House website

  8. gwood says:

    The fact that the MSM, the Obama administration, and Democrats in general want to ignore this monumental event is instructive, isn’t it?

    It’s an obvious defeat for those who opposed the Iraq War. They didn’t want this to happen, tried everything they could to keep it from happening, and are now hoping we will join them in just letting it recede into the background.

    Democracy and peace in Iraq is a resounding defeat for Iran, a big black eye for al_Qaida, a defeat for those who tried to defund the war, a defeat for those who said “not in our name”, and a big bloody nose for those who said “war never solves anything”.

    I’m sure we’ll hear from those who post here and were against the war that it cost too much in lives and treasure, but that in itself is an admission that they were wrong, their side voted for this war when predictions were for ten times the number of casualties, and the cost is already being paid back with lower world crude prices, somewhat due to the promise of increased Iraqi extraction. And instead of the proceeds going to another Palace for Saddam or his sons, it is going to a newly freed populace, those the left once claimed to care about.

    Go ahead…ignore the favorable strategic re-alignment afforded the US by this victory..go ahead and try to convince us it was wrong to free 26 million necks from the boot heel of a tyrant…go ahead and sweep under the rug the role al-Qaida’s humiliation played in keeping us safe here at home…please proceed with more predictions, tell us much more about the “failed policies” that led us to this historic victory you would rather ignore.

  9. WWS says:

    gwood wrote: “I’m sure we’ll hear from those who post here and were against the war..”

    No, we won’t. Not on this one – notice their conspicuous absence? The cowards don’t have the nerve to face this one head on, so they hide from it and pretend it doesn’t exist. They don’t dare comment.

    Just like they hide from the fact that even they have to admit that this Stimuluseless package that Pelosi is pushing is the probably the single worst piece of budget legislation ever proposed in the history of the United States. Don’t believe that? Try to top a trillion dollar friends and family giveaway. Seriously, try to find anything that tops that, ever, try to find anything close. Even the democrat-controlled CBOE says that only about 10% of the package is any kind of stimulus. No one can even try to make a serious argument in favor of it once the actual items are laid out for inspection.

    The only good news is that the wheels are coming off the Obama train faster than I thought they could. The bad news is that we are still totally screwed for 4 years, and the country that will be left behind when this crowd is done will be permanently weaker and poorer.

  10. gwood says:

    Well, WWS, you’re right, no sign of conman and the others. You know they’ve read this thread, and our posts, apparently they just can’t take it as well as they dish it out.

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