Jan 31 2009

The Blog Learns Some Hard Business Lessons

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It seem Pajama Media is kicking out the small fry so they can have more $$$ for themselves. The Anchoress responds here, Protein Wisdom here, Ace of Spades here.  

Not a surprise. I have been approached by some large blogs from time to time, the minute I discuss a contractual arrangement they go silent. Contracts are binding agreements, the fact some of these large bloggers avoid them like the plague is a sign they want some free gravy.

But the fact is traffic is down since the election – way down. And I am sure ads are drying up. And all those living comfortably on the ebb and flow of public debate are hurting. (Thankfully, with the support of our readers, I can fund this personal endeavor here at the Strata-Sphere). 

I hope these wonderful voices are not silenced, especially in this time of conservative and GOP renewal. I for one think there are options to make a business in the blogosphere, but the winning models will take some time to work themselves out. After all, this is a brand new enterprise, not even a decade old in reality.

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  3. bill says:

    Hey, even google is seeing the slowdown.