Oct 11 2005

Fly By 10/11/05

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To start off with something fun and interesting we have the invisibility cloak by way of No Such Blog. Here is the video – wild! Here’s the story.

On the more serious side, the earthquake in Asia was devastating. The latest news from the Washington Post is here. We hope everyone can try and give something to assist the people. We have a link to World Vision on the upper right side of the site for those who wish to donate there. What is unfortunate is the region has become very active. The massive Turkey and Iran quakes are most likely connected to the fact there will be a new wave of tectonic events in the region. A region ill prepared, construction wise, for large earthquakes.

The anti-Miers crowd better watch out, the big guns are being brought out today. Laura Bush is out defending Miers. Of course, I still love the DJ Drummond comments I linked to yesterday, where he wonders if the GOP senators are REALLY going to defeat Miers and Bush after so many supported Ginsburg and Clinton…

For more on Miers some papers have been released and are discussed at the Washington Post here.

I think everyone has had enough of the anti-Miers crowd.


I think people are beginning to realize Miers is not bad compared to the debacle of Reps beating Bush at this point in his second term. Rick Moran has an excellent post on the subject worth reading. And, if you like baseball, I mean really like baseball, he is in fall fever mode and worth a visit on that subject as well.

And also stop by The Anchoress and check her take on the Miers silliness. Boy that woman can write.

And also Dr Sanity has some very good points. She too is getting a littled tired of the Miers tirade and its obsession with one of many important issues of our time.


Al Qaeda, in a deadly serious but mistaken strategy, continues to kill Muslims to try and force us to leave Iraq and the ME. The very people they say they need support from to ‘govern’ they feel compelled to kill to demonstrate their bona fides as leaders. If you are a Sunni Iraqi and you have your choice next week between an imperfect constitution and these mad hatters from AQ, you would probably seriously consider democracy. At least democracy doesn’t blow people up.

And boy, the liberals are out grasping at faulty logic today! 4 days from the vote on the Iraq Constitution and the calls to cut and run – quickly – are reaching crescendo again. Edward Luttwak tries to argue a quick retreat from Iraq is not a surrender, and Al Qaeda will not take over….

Yeah right, and pigs fly too. The liberal left seems to have settled for offering delusions as an alternative to winning in Iraq.

Showing his unswavering ability to look the fool, Al Gore is contemplating another run at President in 2008. That preachy firebrand schtick of his just grates on the nerves.

Hope everybody has a good day (you too Al)!


How could I forget the news Patrick Ruffini is moving to the GOP! I guess I was hoping it was not so. Anyway, here is Patrick’s last post from his own site for a while. Good job Patrick!

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  1. Observer says:

    As an ex-PSYWAR officer during the Vietnam war, I’m still waiting for you to define “winning” in Iraq. Note: The transfer from US forces to Iraqi forces is getting worse, not better. One Battalion ready?

  2. AJStrata says:


    Well, my definition means little since it will not be the controlling definition. BTW, don’t you think there is the slightest possibility yout Vietnam experience may be clouding your perspective?

    Anyway, you should know the details of the 1 vs 3 battle ready battalions. For those who do not the facts are this: There were thought to be 3 battle ready battalions, but due to some iniltration and/or departures, and a review of the qualification standards, two were put back one level.

    But ‘battle ready’ means totally able to perform military missions on their own without US support. There are 80+ battalions ready to do battle with the US at their side, and many have done so (I do not have the exact count off the top of my head). Some can lead with the US in support, some can support. My guess is nearly all have battle experience.

    So don’t let folks confuse you with selected, incomplete information.

    Back to your question Observer – we win when Iraq is operating under a stable, democratically elected government and can control its own security challenges. It’s really not that difficult to understand. And to achieve it requires dedication and a willingness to outlast the enemy.

    Something we never had in Vietnam.

  3. Goreobama!

    Finally some good news! Yeah, bring on Gore and especially Barack Obama. With Gore sound bites and dumb statements I’ve collected since he left office this should be a scream.

  4. LuckyBogey says:

    Keep up the good work on AD. The 4th Rail website has very good discussion on training the Iraqi military for those interested in the truth. http://billroggio.com/

    BTW: I’m still a “Rebel” and continue to believe more than ever now that this nomination is sinking fast. It is ok to move over to the rebel side! We will open our arms and welcome you. It is ok to support our President and also take the position against this nomination.

    Some of the pro-Miers crowd are also crossing the line. Please leave the sexy, beautiful, and smart Peggy Noonan alone. She is my hero and keep your moderates hands away!

    Rebel applications continue to be accepted!