Jan 13 2009

Some More Laughs

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My favorite Cosby routine is Bill Cosby Himself. My wife and I have related to this sketch too many ways to count. When I showed it to my Dad many years ago I had to stop it because I seriously thought the man was going to die of a heart attack laughing so hard. Memorable lines:

  • “You’ve got another thing coming”
  • “And sick always follows tired”
  • “But Dad, I’m Jesus Christ!”

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5 Responses to “Some More Laughs”

  1. GuyFawkes says:

    100% agreed. This might be the single funniest stand-up routine ever.

    The fact that he made a movie where all he did was sit and stand near and around a chair, and it became a phenomenom – that says a lot about the quality of the comedy.

    And you missed a classic line (while talking about the dentist):

    “Doob youb seeb this?”

  2. AJStrata says:


    I was planning on doing the other segments later – but I love the dentist routine, as well as the drug/drinking routine.

  3. KauaiBoy says:

    I will just add “Chicken Heart”

    And I must credit my interpretation of the Democrat party mantra “Chocolate cake for breakfast” to Bill Cosby.

  4. GuyFawkes says:


    Wow, you must be VERY busy at work (trust me, I can relate). No comment on the big Obama Conservative Brain Trust Dinner last night?