Dec 29 2008

Go Miami Dolphins!

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Yeah, this DC-area, born and raised native roots for the Redskins, but his heart is with the Miami Dolphins. My grandmother (maternal) got me into football accidentally – by buying NFL stuff for me on birthdays and Christmas. Just happens she was a snowbird living in Pompano Beach, FL. And at that time Miami was having their immaculate season and were the top of the league. Have been a fan of the ‘phins ever since.

I was really surprised to see Miami come out as the Division lead last week, and was hoping beyond hope their turnaround from last year (1-15) could be something magical – and this weekend they proved it is something magical:

The rookie coach stood in front of his team inside the visiting locker room of the Meadowlands, pausing in silence for nearly 10 seconds as he choked back tears on this unforgettable day in Dolphins history.

He wanted to tell his players the biggest lesson that could come from all of this, the one aspect of this thrilling season that can transcend even sports, but coach Tony Sparano first needed to collect himself. Eventually, he did.

”Don’t ever let anybody say that you can’t,” Sparano said.


Perhaps no team in NFL history has proven to believe that mantra more than this one.

As a result of a 24-17 win against the Jets on Sunday — and a season that included 10 other Sunday afternoons that ended much the same — Sparano and his storybook squad has masterfully crafted one of the greatest turnarounds sports has ever seen.

”AFC East Champions,” Sparano said to his players. “How does that sound? Why not the Dolphins?”

I also have family in San Diego, so last night’s Charger destruction of Denver was sweet as well. Looks like this year, unlike most, I have a host of teams to root for going through the play offs!

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  1. scaulen says:

    Magical shmagical, they won because Brady blew out his knee, and the JETS are the JETS and became an even bigger punchline when they signed Favre Bean head.