Nov 08 2008

Burn-Out Open Thread

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Folks, after weeks of working at a frantic pace AND blogging about the upcoming election you can tell my posts have been few. Sadly there is nothing that really interests me in the news, which is the worst way to experience the post election world right now. From the ground things are well back to normal and people are getting on with their lives with and eye on DC to see if this time they can do something. 

There is not a lot of hope out there it will happen. When Bill Clinton took office his first days were buffered by a recovering economy and a world security situation where everyone was stunned at how rapidly the 4th largest military force on the planet had been decisively defeated. Clinton’s early mistakes, like Somalia and raising taxes, did not immediately rebound on America. Though over time they did rebound.

Obama, Pelosi and Ried have no such cushion to operate in. They have a fragile economy which swings wildly on events now, and a national security situation which could erupt with smallest wrong step. The only question is do they understand they are surrounded by landmines?

The liberal media, single thought based as they are, will be pushing for the socialist policies they were promised. Recall it was just as much the media calling for the tearing down of our terrorist defense programs (who wanted discussions between people in America and terrorists overseas legally private). It was the media pushing the redistribution siren-call of handouts to the not-so-well-off. It is the pressure to bring Nirvana from the liberal base on the street and in the news media which I think will cause the misteps.

So we sit and wait for a few months to see what will happen, how will the liberals do (if history is a guide it will be tough). Even if Obama does want moderation he has tough pols in Congress who control the processes and purse strings. Obama could easily be rolled by Congress (we saw hints of that already). There is nothing concrete yet, so I will just note the potential for now. I don’t want to right post after post predicting doom on vaporous hints. 

Obama has given the nation one gift already, we can say goodbye to the race card – it has been played out. And African Americans are now proud Americans (as they always were, but now with something extra in the mix). That impact can be seen and experienced every day in the real America. So I prefer to enjoy that and not wish for bad. I would prefer to give an opportunity than expect the worse. For now.

So posting will turn back to other things like Global Warming, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, the War fronts, etc. But after a weekend off I think! The left is not in power until next year anyway. All they can do is talk – which means nothing.

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  1. dave m says:

    Here’s something interesting.
    Twenty-four of the Electors are filing a lawsuit to force Obama
    to prove his eligibility as a natural born American. The doubt is
    spreading. Unlike Mr. Berg, who was dismissed as not having
    standing, the Electors definitely do have standing. We shall see.
    Here’s the link, sorry it’s unwieldy