Nov 02 2008

Spread The Wealth Around

Will historians look back on this election on ponder exactly what was it that pushed a centrist like McCain into the White House over liberal Obama? If so they may find this little ditty emblematic of where Obama stumbled (H/T Powerline).

And while listening to this note that McCain’s internal polls indicate he will win all the traditional Bush red states, and probably pick up PA as well.

“McCain is in a good position to win every red state,” Black said. “Plus he is probably going to win Pennsylvania and Iowa.”

Back at the end of June I noted how it should be mathematically impossible for Obama to win. This was before the Palin factor came into view:

The calculus required for Obama to win enough votes against John McCain appears to be based on fantasy math.  There are times were things just cannot line up, no matter how much people wish they could. But Obama has to knit together a coalition which is impossible to because each side is repulsed by the other, and McCain just doesn’t represent the kind of political enemy required to push these opposing groups together. 

There is no stable policy configuration Obama can put together to win. No matter what he does he causes upheaval and loses support.  Either he appeases the far left, sending moderates to McCain, or he appeases the moderates sending the far left into a tirade, ending their support and sending moderates to McCain where they will feel more welcomed.

Obama almost pulled it off until he met Joe The Plumber and let slip his views, confirmed in a 2001 interview that clearly indicates his desire to take from those who worked hard and succeeded to give to those who missed their opportunities laid before them in this great country. In the end Obama did what I said he would, he tried to appease to his liberal base, and he repulsed the moderate left into the McCain camp.

McCain, by selecting Palin, energized the conservative base and signaled America he would look to Main Street for answers, not DC – where Obama has now become just another pol.

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11 Responses to “Spread The Wealth Around”

  1. Aitch748 says:

    I usually hate song parodies but this one is excellent. The creativity of some of the people on our side in this fight has been amazing.

  2. crosspatch says:

    You know, I wish on Monday instead of playing what seems like a show full of Obama speech clips, the talk show hosts would play some clips of stuff like Palin today in Ohio busting Obama’s chops on “bankrupting” coal. I was finally able to put my finger on the reason I didn’t like Hannity last week. It is because all I hear on his show are Obama speeches. I don’t turn to conservative radio to hear Obama speeches, I can see those on CNN or MSNBC. One of the things I noticed is that not even the conservative shows seem to be playing any clips of McCain or Palin speeches.

    It is late now but McCain and Palin should have got more air time in the form of speech clips to help get their message out. Hearing Obama over and over again on just about every conservative station gets nauseating after a while.

  3. dhunter says:

    Saw McCain speeches twice on FOX today and marveled how long they played them, how good they were and what a great job McCain did. That said I can’t even stand to watch FOX anymore except Fox and Friends and Megan Kelley in the morning. The mid-day evening crew including Kristol, Jaun Williams, Krauthammer etc. seem to be drinking th0B0mber koolaid all is lost meme!

    I don’t believe the American people who re-elected Joe Lieberman in a liberal NE state when an even further lefty ran against him will elect the most liberal U.S. senator ever for POTUS. Not when most of the country is nowhere near as liberal as the N.E.
    If McCain picks off one of these N.E. liberal states early which he might it will be a long night for the 0B0mber!

  4. dhunter says:

    AJ, have you seen this interview by 0B0mber with the San Francisco Chronicle. In his own words he promises to bankrupt the coal industry. Devistating in its consequences to coal states, jobs, electricity consumers. This guy is seriously dangerous!

  5. crosspatch says:

    What does he feel about electric cars? If we were to convert the cars to electric will there be a ban on charging them during the day? Because if we move some 30% of our energy consumption from oil to electricity and at the same time ban new power plants, something is going to have to give. You can’t basically double electricity demand yet build no power plants.

    We run some seriously inefficient “peaker” plants during the high load daytime hours. If we have to run those 24hrs a day, energy costs will go through the roof. And we will have no “slack” time to do maintenance. Plants will start breaking down. I have not heard him come out in favor of nuclear so his position makes no sense in the context of overall power generation, distribution and consumption. It is just liberal buzzwording that isn’t practical.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:


    Simply put the existing grid can’t handle the load of additional car charging during peak hours.

    Right now there are places where there is so much NIMBY going on that the grid can’t even keep up with organic growth of demand.

    I have heard horror stories of offices in the Research Triangle area who can’t even power up all their computers without taking the grid down since there is so little margin left.

    Many places are in line for more than a few rolling brown outs next summer.

    Few understand the grid system and part of the issue is the limits of transfer of power from one zone of the grid to another because of simple capacity issues.

    Also growth is another thing people have little handle on.

    Tell people that 6% of the electricity in the USA goes simply to power up the internet and all the server farms attached to it and they look at you funny.

  7. crosspatch says:

    “I have heard horror stories of offices in the Research Triangle area who can’t even power up all their computers without taking the grid down since there is so little margin left.”

    I deal with this problem on a daily basis, it is part of my job. In most commercial data centers power is the main constraint. You might have plenty of racks and plenty of air conditioning capacity available in your data center but you are out of power and can’t buy any more.

    Companies like Google and Yahoo are contracting directly to power generators for their data center power. Much of their money going to hydro operators in Canada.

    We have oil and natural gas bubbling away into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California from natural seeps but a city isn’t allowed to sink a well a mile or two offshore. They could pipe the gas to a clean generator, provide power for the local community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it would reduce the natural methane seepage. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. But they would rather allow methane seepage than CO2. It is just plain nuts.

    One of the reasons why they are afraid to sink gas wells is they might hit oil which to them is evil. They would rather allow the oil to empty naturally into the ocean than catch it and use it. Again, just plain nuts. Do a google search on “Coal Oil Point” and “oil seep”. You don’t have to take my word for it.

  8. luc says:

    # crosspatchon 02 Nov 2008 at 9:14 pm
    “Because if we move some 30% of our energy consumption from oil to electricity and at the same time ban new power plants, something is going to have to give.”

    The answer is obvious! Follow Chavez lead: ROLLING BLACKOUTS

    Most important: GOTV !!!

  9. crosspatch says:


    And guess which districts would get blacked out first? Or better, guess which areas would never get their power cut. Just allows politicians more control over the average people. If you create a shortage of something, you can then create a reason to manage the distribution of what there is of that thing. Then you can start using that distribution to reward supporters and to punish opponents.

  10. LJStrata says:


    Last night I saw a townhall meeting live that John McCain held in New Hampshire on MSNBC (I’m pretty sure). It was awesome. John answered the questions that he was asked, didn’t change the subject, and was so hopeful and honest. The crowd asked some really good questions (unlike that stupid 2nd debate). I wish everyone had seen that coverage.

    I actually looked on YouTube and can’t find the entire townhall meeting. There are few clips from the audience but darned if I can find the media coverage.