Nov 02 2008

Think Energy Costs Are High Now?

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If people think heating and electricity are expensive now, just wait until Obama bankrupts the coal industry and we lose even more domestic energy sources

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    1) play this in every coal mining state..and see how many people will say thank you for killing off my lively hood to feed my family.

    Ask how many power plant operators and staff that might not think this is a good idea.

    Ask every consumer who will have to pay much higher energy costs.

    Sounds like the trickle down share the wealth is already planned to be gobbled up even before you get it.

    2) Just what in the heck was the reason for the SF Chron sitting on this information vital to insights that the voters should know about since January?

    Let me guess they were on double super secret probation only for background vetting for their endorsement and it was all ‘off the record’.

  2. patch says:

    Just some disjointed facts:

    TIPP shows Senator Obama up by 2.1% with 8.7% undecided.

    Drudge has this headline:

    Audio: Obama Tells Paper He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry…

    From wikipedia:

    27 states produce coal. The major coal-producing states are (in descending order as of 2000, with annual production in thousands of short tons):

    Wyoming (338,900).
    West Virginia (158,257)
    Kentucky (130,688)
    Pennsylvania (74,619)
    Texas (49,498)
    Montana (38,352)
    Illinois (33,444)
    Virginia (32,834)
    North Dakota (31,270)
    Colorado (29,137)
    Indiana (27,965)
    New Mexico (27,323)
    Utah (26,656)
    Ohio (22,269)
    Alabama (19,324)
    Arizona (13,111)
    Total United States: 1,437,174

    I smell a quick attack ad….

    Sorry, AJ, I posted in the wrong section earlier.