Oct 30 2008

Please Talk To Everyone You Can From Now Til Tuesday!!

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Please take the time to talk to people and explain why you are voting for whoever you are. I think the undecideds are growing in number the closer we get to election day. And this is caused because of the doubt and hesitation from information about Obama. A lot of people did not take the time to listen or research the candidates until recently. I have talked to a couple of people in the past few days who I swore I knew who they would vote for, but they are still trying to figure it out. The best thing you can do is to engage them in a healthy discussion. Don’t preach to them, but explain your reasons who you are pro one candidate and anti the other. And take away the party lines and what has happened in the past. Talk about the policies for the future of each candidate. Talk about how you think they would handle different types of situations.

For me and my family one of the biggest issues we are focused on is the military. My brother is getting shipped out to boot camp for the Marines in December. And we want someone who knows what is right and wrong for our soldiers and our country. Someone who has had some experience in this arena. We can all sit and whine about the war or complain about soldiers doing multiple tours, but in the end unless you have been there in the middle of it we have no idea. McCain is the best option for that because he was in the military, he was in a war, he knows what types of decisions are made from the ground. His experience will help him make the right decisions from here to help support our military where ever they are.

So please please talk to people. It is very important that anyone who is eligible and registered to vote gets out and votes. This election is going to change our country no matter who wins, but which way do you want it to go?


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  1. KauaiBoy says:

    Well said DJ. Many people refuse to understand that war veterans are also less likely to get us into any unnecessary confrontations as they truly understand the cost of war.