Oct 23 2008

Obama’s Trip To Hawaii And Birth Certificate Controversies

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I was told yesterday at the Obama rally that Obama was not going to Hawaii to see his grandmother who had been released from the hospital two weeks ago, but to go deal with the Hawaii Supreme Court and the release of his birth certificate. See here. Here is the original complaint filed. And here is the Emergency Petition for Writ of Mandamus. Now keep in mind that the court hearing on this case was yesterday, when he was speaking at a rally in VA. And what is the point in lying to everyone. Just produce the stupid document and get it over with. We are all tired of hearing about it. But as long as he acts guilty by trying to hide it people are going to continue to push until they know the truth.

Another case regarding Obama’s birth certificate is the one in the Federal Court in PA. This is from Phillip Berg’s site. Due to the rules of PA (and in VA) if a person does not respond with either “Admitted” or “Denied” to each Request for Admission then those admissions are automatically deemed admitted. Read the list of what Obama and the DNC admitted to by refusing to respond. Now this is public record.


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  1. VA Voter says:

    Thanks for looking into this.

  2. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    The “worried about his grandmother” nonsense is believed by no one but supporters of the Messiah. I just wonder if anyone will take the time and go through the trouble of following Hussein around. Just to see where he goes, who he talks with. Can he get all of the necessary criminal arrangements handled over the phone? Will surrogates have the necessary juice to bribe those in charge of Hawaii records? Love to have his phones tapped and his room wired, huh!

  3. bush_is_best says:

    puppy person – ‘nonsense’, ‘hussein’, ‘messiah’, ‘criminal’, ‘bribe’, ‘tapped phones and rooms wired’… wow, you managed to cram quite alot of conspiracy theories into one sentence, nice going, very efficient… you left out ‘terrorist’, ‘osama’, ‘rapist’, ‘cannibal’, ‘community organizer’, and a few others though…

    I just don’t like him because he has a funny name and is not white. Isn’t that enough?

    Plus when he talks, it makes me feel dumb. I’m scared. I feel there are arab enemies all around trying to kill me. I want to keep all my money for myself. I am “pro-life”, but love killing animals, the death penalty, and war, I want to save all the unborn babies, but after they are born I don’t care what happens to them. I hate gay people. I love jesus but don’t want foreign or dirty looking people in my church. I take my only vacations at disneyworld. Who should I vote for?

  4. lancair360 says:

    I don’t know if Andy Martin is a crack pot or on to something:

    Internet powerhouse Andy Martin told a Honolulu news conference today that after an intense international investigation he is convinced that Barack Obama, Junior, the presidential candidate is really the son of Obama’s controversial mentor Frank Marshall Davis.


  5. Aitch748 says:

    You know, I really haven’t given this whole “Obama is not a U.S. citizen” thing much weight, but given the way that Obama has had political opponents in previous contests forced off the ballot just before the election (so that he could win unopposed), wouldn’t it just be the height of irony if it actually was found that Obama really, truly, provably, demonstrably, was not a U.S. citizen and thus was constitutionally ineligible to be President?

  6. Redteam says:

    Bush is best……….. you should vote for whomever you wish, that’s the American way. You shouldn’t ask for advice because many would deceive you. Vote how you feel. and of course that should be for McCain. (I wouldn’t mislead you)

  7. Aitch748 says:

    Somehow, reading bush_is_best’s little rant just made me think of this old tantrum video 🙂


  8. bush_is_best says:

    I’m gonna vote for McCain now. Ain’t no negra’ gonna take my guns away. I’m gunna tell ever-body in the whole trailer park to do the same. Then, as soon as I get my job back at the fact’ry upstream, I’m gonna impregnate my cousin, and breed more li’l rational and open minded, compassionate yet realistic, politically, ficscally and socially conservative voters. Yee haw!

  9. You really are an Racist egotistical human BIB..

    We are “POSTJUDICED!”

    Should be easy to figure out.

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Hawaiian Supreme Court ruled against the Writ of Mandamus so they will let stand the court date in the lower court as being for Nov 7th.

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is getting smellier by the day…there are a number of possibilities…

    1. He was legitimately born here and lost the original document. He’s moved around quite a bit and his family might not have saved it. This is plausible.

    2. He was legitimately born here, but there are things on the original document that he doesn’t want revealed, like his real father’s name, etc.

    3. He really was born in Kenya. This is not likely, but who knows…

    If he has a valid COLB, the original one, just show it to people. Not the reprint, the original one. I’m sure the state or the hospital have a copy, if this exists. This will end the questions immediately.

    Citizenship is another issue. His mother moved in and out of the country, he would have had to renounce his U.S. citizenship to move to Indonesia, his mother hadn’t been in the country for the 14 years required by law. There are a number of these — this one could be tricky for him.

    Thanks to the MSM for not bothering to “vet” Senator Obama.

  12. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Whether this or any other outstanding question regarding Obama turns out to be true or simply a wild goose chase is clearly not the point. The point is these are all questions that can be simply, clearly, and openly answered by the candidate himself.

    Yet he chooses to remain aloof and imprecise about all of them, be it his birth certificate, his missing college records, his close and very recent political connections with Kenya, or his connections to Wright, Pfleger, Ayers, ACORN, Fanny & Freddie, Rezko, and Khalidi.

    Evidently, Obama is a man who prefers loose ends to straight answers.

    Andy Martin does make one interesting point about Obama’s trip to Hawaii. Obama is going ALONE.

    The premise is he’s visiting his gravely ill grandmother. Why go without his family? Given how close Obama says he is to his grandmother, and how ill she presumably is, it’s a peculiar exclusion to say the least. Not impossible certainly, but it’s definitely peculiar.


    The link is from SBD’s comment in AJ’s Michelle Obama post.

    Andy Martin seems to be implying he has some big whammy expose to come on Oct. 27 as the piece de resistance to his findings in Hawaii.

    Maybe yes. Maybe no.

    Really it doesn’t matter to America. A two year old computer generated representation of his birth certificate is plenty to waive him into the highest office of the land.

  13. J.D. says:


    It must make you feel better to believe that we are all ignorant, racist, morons; kind of an elite, enlightened, Murtha-esque jaunt through life.

    While I don’t believe Obama is a terrorist or will be disqualified due to his birthplace, I do believe that his campaign, the MSM, and his supporters (you and others) have done much to divide this nation with this wild and unfounded demonization of those who disagree with you; i.e. we are all racists.

    This post-race candidate threw his grandma under the bus as a “typical white person.” His spiritual leader labeled this country the US of KKK A. Murtha has called his own constituents rednecks and racists, and all of us who do not believe European socialism and infanticide is the way to go are, according to the MSM, racists.

    Assuming the polls are right and go unchanged and this blog is allowed to continue with the permission of the Fairness Doctrine enforcers I’m guessing we conservatives will be labeled racists with every policy we oppose for the next 4-8 years.

    Liberal ideas don’t survive on talk-radio, because they don’t hold water when challenged by the Joe the Plumbers of the world. The only way to win the debate is to not allow it to happen and to label the opposition as haters.

    Don’t believe me? Take the issue of homosexuality in America. I believe these actions are sinful, unnatural, and that there is hope for one in this lifestyle to change. For you and the ladies on the View that makes me a closed-minded, hater. Likewise, we’ve learned that those who believe Obama is the wrong choice for America are a bitter, backwoods, racist. No debate. No room for disagreement. Just alienate and outlaw the opposition. Now go look at the “Hate is not a family value” bumper sticker on your car and admit that I am right.

  14. BarbaraS says:

    Good luck trying to get anywhere in Hawaii. This is a deep blue state. Why else would the Supreme Court of Hawaii refuse this writ? You would think all loyal citizens of America would be interested in seeing that the rules were adhered to.

    Evidently in every state in the Union the Secretary of State failed to verify Obama’s eligibility to run for POTUS. I thought it was their duty to see all the paperwork and not assume that a US senator would be eligible.

    Remember all the hooha about McCain’s birth certificate. I thought something was fishy at that time. I thought it was crazy to even bring it up. Evidently, Obama was going to use McCain’s “foreign” birth to offset his own. That failed. The dems in the senate evidently did not know about any discreptancy about Obama’s birth certificate or they would not have issued that mandate that McCain is a natural born citizen.
    Or maybe they knew but hoped it would never come up.

    I don’t know if any of these lawauits are true but I am wondering why Obama just doesn’t produce his birth certificate. I wonder if he hopes to win the election and then somehow brush off the requirement of natural born citizen as irrelevant since he won. The dems certainly would let him get away with it.

  15. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Dear Bush is Best,

    Post all of the nonsensical drivel that enters your head. Just promise that you won’t reproduce.

  16. momdear1 says:

    I just saw an article on WorldNetDaily that says that there is good reason to believe that the reason BO’s college records are sealed is because he went to school on scholarships designated for foreign students. I read months ago that even tho his wife, Michelle, was an affirmative action Govt. sponsored student, that Barack was not. So, can anyone verify just how his college costs were funded? Was he registered as a Foreign student?

    I have been an avid genealogist for years and I have never had any problem getting birth, death, and marriage records from any state in the Union. All I have to do was say the person is an ancestor or relative and the purpose of the request was genealogy. I have not had reason to request anything from Hawaii. There are lists on genealogy sites on line of the addressess of the state offices where you can obtain these records. . Check out Cindi’s List.

  17. bush_is_best says:

    yeah… sorry ’bout that… all this anti-obama (as opposed to pro-mccain) rhetoric was sounding too redneck and indirect. I overreacted with stereotypes… whoops… It’s as though ‘high flying political debate’ means: let’s call names and make phony accusations in a desperate attempt to sway, uh, people who think exactly as we do… and if people disagree (in the debate) lets insult them and desire they be removed.

    I know I know, I said some insulting things about rednecks voting republican. and I know, you can scramble to prove me wrong and make links to this time a ‘liberal’ said something bad about a ‘conservative’ so that makes all the mudslinging alright, its all THE OTHER GUYS FAULT… of course it is, yeah… you’d be content to just put candidate against candidate, on the issues, if it weren’t for that damn news media and left leaning half of the population starting all this trouble and making you respond to it… shame on them and good for you not stooping to their level…

    You guys like to look at facts. I understand. Analyze them with open minds, seek the truth, and really get to the bottom of matters. I commend you. You are prepared with accurate information very often. Sometimes, speculation (*) and personal preference can come into play, this is politics afterall… Looking at all sides of an issue is what makes smart people, well… smart. I don’t claim to be one of them. To oversimplify – conservatives prefer a smaller government that allows us to seek wealth and happiness on our own terms. Very logical. Liberals seek a government that is somewhat more involved, in an attempt to help our less fortunate fellow Americans, preserve our planet and promote equality. Compassionate (even if it is unrealistic) We all pay taxes, nobody likes it, but we do it as americans, the majority of us. anyhow. How the money is spent, is well, up for debate and up to vote, depending on peoples priorities. Natural. We can have friends with different political and religious affiliations as we are all under the same flag, and no matter who leads us, we will continue to be.

    This is a race for the president of the united states. We are in a time of war and financial crisis. This is a global community we live in where our nation is becoming more diversified every day. There are issues upon issues that affect peoples lives by the tens of millions, regardless of affiliation.

    There is a surprising lack of pro-McCain information on this website. If you are trying to discredit an opponent as part of a strategy, calling him by his MIDDLE NAME among other things is very weak. I use that as an example, but a telling one. We are not going to attack anybody’s middle name.

    There are going to be tens of millions of legitimate voters voting for Obama and he is going to win the election*…

    This will not be because 50 percent of americans, (all of Europe and the rest of the world in agreement) are dumb and stupid, It is not because the people who are calling for his BC, communist! and shouting ‘arab!’ are the true smart ones and have only been cheated. Think about it.

    It will be because there are REAL REASONS why his message resonates with voters of all varieties. For some reason, this is impossible for you to comprehend. Not acknowledging something this obvious exposes you as, well, someone who should LOSE.

    You need to stop digging for bullsh*t conspiracy theories and start pumping up John McCain as your dream candidate. You also need to recognize the positive attributes of your opponent as a reason why he has greater popularity. Stop hating. Start producing. Do not talk about me, nobody cares about me. Do not bash conman, bresheau, norm or anybody else who has a dissenting viewpoint. Show that you can understand the merits of other peoples viewpoints even if yours are different and start bringing real f*cking POSITIVE viewpoints of your own to the DEBATE.

  18. bush_is_best says:

    J.D. – homosexuals don’t affect your life, they don’t effect mine… the government is not going to legislate anything just because you can’t stop thinking about it and your bible tells you so. As soon as we fix real problems, we’ll get to perceived ones. Get over sensational non-issues and prioritize… such a dipsh*t…

  19. Concerned Citizen says:


    my experience on this site has been that comments are from thoughtful people who don’t need to swear.

    it’s safe to say many people in this country have concerns about someone who wants to be president not turning in what should be very simple record requests.

    that’s all. it’s time for Sen. Obama to show a legitimate birth certificate, put this issue to rest, then compete honestly in the election.

    please take your potty mouth elsewhere

    have a nice day!