Oct 20 2008

On Travel – Open Thread

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Folks, I am on travel today and so I may not be posting (will see how it works out). Here’s an open thread for folks to banter about with.

Cheers, AJStrata

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  1. browngreengold says:


    Did you get a signed permission slip in order to have the day off?

    If not, this will be considered an inexcusable absence.

    Right now, when we need you the most you go AWOL?


    Get back to work buddy.


  2. kittymyers says:

    I’m curious about the record crowds recently in Missouri for Obama. I didn’t read that a rock concert opened for him, which was the only way previously he could generate such numbers. I saw the pictures so I could see the crowds. But I take nothing for granted. Why now? What gives? Did they bus these people in or something?

  3. dave m says:

    Golly. What are we supposed to talk about?

    I’ll ask a question.
    Over at Radarsite (won’t give the complete address cause the filters
    will get me) Roger Gardner says that this election is about the life or
    death of America. Just google blogs radarsite.

    He means that if Obama wins, America will die.

    I think this won’t happen. We may come close to destruction, but we
    won’t actually be completely killed. There is a difference between plotting the death of the free world and actually killing it. Ask James Bond.

    Seriously, we are split about 50-50. Right now we are sleepwalking towards disaster, but capable of waking up when the nightmare arrives in our own city.

    There are a lot of things that Obama will try to do. I predict:

    Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty to deny our Navy use of the oceans.
    Ratify the son of Kyoto treaty to deny ourselves adequate energy supply.
    Ratify our compliance with the International Criminal Court in Brussels
    to make all of our politicians subject to prosecution by “the world”.
    Cut most of our military research programs – especially missile defense.
    Pay reparations to the world.
    Try to give the UN power to raise taxation from independent nations.
    Try to give the UN power to have it’s own army.
    Prohibit defamation of religion – islam
    Set up the beginnings of sharia courts here.
    Tax the living daylights out of everybody.
    Implement the UN directive to ban civilian ownership of firearms
    Implement the UN directive to ban private property.
    Allow Iran to become nuclear armed.
    Allow AL-Qaeda a homeland.
    Ask Al-Qaeda and Iran for negotiations for peace.

    How many can he actually achieve before open civil war erupts in the USA

    I don’t know.
    I do think that our voters will wake up with an almighty scream.
    What say you?

  4. kittymyers says:

    You forgot the Fairness Doctrine.

  5. stevevvs says:

    I’ve thought for a while had McCain done just two things differently, he would be up by 10 points.
    1. Opposed Amnesty to Illegal Aliens
    2. Opposed the Bail Out

    Had he done just those two things, he would have won big. Now what with ACORN, 23,000 Illegal Aliens registered in N.Y., 30,000 Felons registered in Fl., and 24,000 felons registered in Wa., along with other Aliens coast to coast, I don’t think he can get enough actual Americans to win.

    I think the focus should be on the House and Senate Races at this point.

    I’m also interested in the Obama campaign and the DNC blocking law suits on the question of Obama’s Birth Certificate. If there is nothing to hide, why act like there is something to hide? I have a feeling we are about to elect our first Kenyan Born Marxist.

    The Washington Times has a good Editorial today titled: Franklin Delano Bush.

    His lack of leadership braught the Republican Party to the brink of Obscurity. So sad. With his lack of popularity, he can’t campaign for the Socialist Candidate John McCain.

    Sure is a rough year, wish we had some Conservatives in D.C. Leadership.

  6. dave m says:

    Thanks Kittymyers

    I always forget the “fairness doctrine”
    and the reason is I don’t get it. How does it help the left?

    Given that about 99.9% of our broadcasters (including Fox News)
    and newspapers lean to the left, how would this doctrine, if it made
    enforcement available equally to all offended parties, help the left?

    Couldn’t we just mount endless lawsuits against hundreds of
    commie broadcasters like CNN?

    Unless the law only refers to “right-wing” broadcasters. I’m
    probably missing something here.

  7. stevevvs says:


    I agree, there is no good outlet for news on TV anymore. I gave up on TV news 19 months ago.
    The Fairness Doctrine will kill freedom of speech. I fear what is coming…

  8. Birdalone says:

    not that I agree with any of the fears expressed by Dave M, BUT, as pro-choice as I am, even I fear Freedom of Choice Act as federal intrusion.

    hope you (all) read Byron York today on the aspirational voting immigrant pile-on with David Corn at a McCain rally in Woodbridge, VA: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NWRhZDE1ODdiYzRiMzcyMWM5NzNjMWMxMDQ1ZDRkYzI=

    and a WSJ piece on what Independents stand for:

    “Professional partisans in Washington try to ignore this shift, perpetuating the myth that the independent movement is a chaotic grab bag. In fact, the movement has a coherent set of underlying beliefs: Independents tend to be fiscally conservative, socially progressive and strong on national security. They believe in putting patriotism over partisanship and the national interest over special interests. … The top targets of independents’ anger are illustrative — hypocritical politicians, pork-barrel projects and a lack of bipartisan solutions in Washington, according to a 2008 national survey of independents by TargetPoint Consulting. Then there’s the Bush administration. Independents believe the current president is the worst in recent history, but there is one area of policy overlap: 66% of independent voters believe that the U.S. has an obligation to establish security in Iraq before withdrawing.”

    Why do Independents believe Obama will govern as a post-partisan moderate? Where is the evidence? I’ve been looking for such evidence since February. Must be hidden in Syria.

  9. Phil-351 says:

    BHO buys his endorsements? http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/stories/2008/10/20/obama1020.html?cxntlid=homepage_tab_newstab&imw=Y

    Ka-ching! Powell gets a job offer, only is this before or after an endorsement deal?

  10. Frogg says:

    I can’t wait for AJ’s post on the latest Biden gaffe that there will be an international crisis to test Obama within six months after taking office and he will fail.

  11. Toes192 says:

    If you want some magnificent pics & comments on Afghanistan… give Michael Yon a visit on “Aj’s day off”

  12. KauaiBoy says:

    Excellent AJ—leave the inmates in charge of the asylum. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come when the messiah is crowned and we can all have chocolate cake for breakfast. I for one am not overly worried as true Americans will eventually band together and overcome the ruination that is this attempt at socialism. We won the first revolution and will win the next. After all the poor beleaguered sufferers of BDS have actually survived the past 8 years. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.