Oct 17 2008

Two Top Level Arab Terrorists Possibly Killed In Predator Strike


Some good news on the war front:

A Pakistani intelligence official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the bombardment had killed at least two extremist commanders believed to be of Arab origin.

“The others killed were most likely local militants, but we don’t have any information about the owners of the two houses that were bombed,” the official said.

Thursday’s attack in South Waziristan was notable because it marked the first aerial assault in more than a year on a well-known redoubt of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, according to another Pakistani intelligence official.

The official said there was no indication that Mehsud was nearby when the attack occurred. But residents told authorities that several Arab men believed to be allied with the Taliban had recently been seen in the area.

As long as we keep up the pressure on these animals we have a shot at staying safe from attack. Sadly, it appears likely Obama will pull the plug on our war efforts to fund his ‘spreading the wealth around’ here at home. 

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One Response to “Two Top Level Arab Terrorists Possibly Killed In Predator Strike”

  1. kathie says:

    If we pull out of Iraq, why wouldn’t they just go back there? The man doesn’t know the difference between a battalion and a brigade, or what the Joint Chief’s of Staff do. Good Lord!