Oct 14 2008

McCain-Palin Drawing Enormous Crowds In VA

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!


One of my biggest problems with current polls is the idea there is no energy behind the McCain-Palin ticket to match the energy behind the Obama-What’s-his-name ticket. The theory goes Obama, being the chosen one by the liberal media, cannot lose in this season of anti-Bush sentiment.

The problem with the theory is the idea everyone else in DC is not the target of anger and frustration, which is downright idiotic. America is fed up with the mess caused by the clique of elites (left and right) who inhabit the Political Industrial Complex of news media, talking heads, political consultants, lobbyists and politicians.  These people have had an iron grip on who can be selected as leaders of this nation. A grip that was held together by a monopoly on the media and what got reported.

In the era of the electronic pamphleteers (a.k.a. bloggers) things have changed. So while the DC media wants to ignore the energized base building behind McCain-Palin, the rest of the country reports the stunning size of crowds that are mostly being pulled by Governor Palin. While Obama was in Philadelphia pulling in about 20,000 people, Palin was in Richmand VA pulling in 20,000-25,000:

Vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin dashed into the conservative heartland the state on Monday, likening the struggling Republican ticket to a stock-car racer revved for a come-from-behind victory.

Standing on sun-baked stage on a dusty field on the edge of Richmond International Raceway, Palin referred to Jimmie Johnson’s squeaker win last month in the Chevy Rock & Roll 400 at the sprawling NASCAR complex in Henrico County.

ignaling the importance of Virginia’s 13 electoral votes for the GOP ticket, the Alaska governor swung through the state Monday. She started in military-rich Virginia Beach with McCain, before stopping in suburban Richmond en route to heavily Democratic Northern Virginia.

“They know Virginia is a swing state, and they have to play — and play hard — here,” said Victoria Cobb, president of the Family Foundation of Virginia, a conservative grass-roots organization.

Speaking to a crowd that Henrico County police chief Col. H.W. Stanley Jr. estimated at 20,000 to 25,000, Palin was at once loyal soldier and fierce critic, talking up McCain’s economic-recovery plan and putting down Democrat Barack Obama as a tax-and-spend liberal.

Earlier in the day McCain-Palin held a similarly sized rally in VA Beach, VA.

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin promised she and John McCain would freeze non-essential government spending and balance the federal budget in their first term during a rally here yesterday. 

The Alaska governor appeared without McCain before a crowd estimated by the Associated Press to be at least 20,000 people at the Richmond International Raceway.

She and McCain also held a similarly-sized rally earlier in the day in Virginia Beach.

That is 40,000 for the day – and they weren’t done yet. McCain went down to Wilmington, NC to a small college there to speak in front of a couple thousand supporters.

But the numbers of people showing up in VA are just mind boggling. Recall Sarah and John pulled in 23,000 in Northern VA right after the GOP convention. If anything intensity is equal. But a case could be made that Palin is pulling in more people than Obama. She draws huge crowds and her debate with that other old white guy from the Senate went into the record book as the all time, most watched debate in American history.

Anyone who relies on their being no energy on the right is fooling themselves. There is a lot of legitimate fear about what Obama really wants to do once he gets into office. He clearly is the most liberal, most socialistic, most unwilling to come clean candidate out there. We know he will work with unrepentant terrorists to teach children to hate America and bring on the socialistic revolution – where kids ‘pledge allegiance to the world’. Lots of us can see through spin and attempts to hide his past connections and actions. 

And it has energized the base to rally around the Moose hunter from Alaska – one of us.

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

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10 Responses to “McCain-Palin Drawing Enormous Crowds In VA”

  1. Aitch748 says:

    There is a lot of legitimate fear about what Obama really wants to do once he gets into office. He clearly is the most liberal, most socialistic, most unwilling to come clean candidate out there. We know he will work with unrepentant terrorists to teach children to hate America and bring on the socialistic revolution – where kids ‘pledge allegiance to the world’.

    AND we know that Obama has no problem at all misusing law enforcement (Missouri cops and prosecutors, the Department of Justice, the Secret Service) to intimidate his critics, First Amendment or no First Amendment.

  2. VA Voter says:

    My wife and her sister went to the rally yesterday. They were really jazzed by Sarah Palin and loved Hank Williams Jr. Hank sang a couple of songs including a new one about McCain and Palin.

    I listened to it on YouTube last night. It’s a hoot, even nails the democrats for the credit crisis. You should give it a listen and provide a link for your readers in an update. THis link is audio only there is another one out there with video.

    You will be able to tell if the video is from Richmond or not because the wife said he forgot the lyrics at one point and had to look at his cheat sheet before continuing.


  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    When they adjusted the poll models for all those ACORN new voters here in Fl all of a sudden the ever always nail biter state jumped to a double digit lead for Obama.

    Now in the primary he only won 7 counties out of 67 and 5 of those are near deserted and he won on the strength of the Black Bible belt vote. They were right on the Ga border.

    He only got about twice the votes Edwards did and their combined total was less than Hillary.

    The exit polls had Dems stating they would vote Repub or site out the election to the tune of 25% if he was the candidate.

    His Jewish support is so shaky he had to organize the ‘great schlep’ to Fl to get Jewish kids to visit to try to arm twist their grand parents to accept The One.

    We are also supposed to believe that he was lost in the round off error on the Hispanic vote in the primary and now the staunch Catholic anti communist and Cuban and other Central American refugees here just suddenly have a new yearning for the good old days of socialism.

    Your mileage may vary.

  4. Aitch748 says:

    Like I’ve said — if Obama wins, we KNOW already that it will have been the fraud that put him over the top. Obama will NOT be the legitimate President-elect even if he IS declared the winner, because of this massive tsunami of fraud.

  5. Aitch748,

    If and when he gets in illegally, the question is what do the American Sheep do.

    Do they take back their country like the Declaration mandates or do we surrender?

    I know what I shall do. All I need is 25% of the sheeple to follow or lead me.

    Just like the American Revolution we had no majority then either.

  6. bush_is_best says:

    ooh… so negative… IF he wins, it will be fraud… if McCain wins, then the dems will cry Fraud, but of course, they will be wrong… hmmmm…

    I am not convinced your opinion is unbiased.

    Because of your passionate conservative ideals and your hatred of Obama, I think your judgment might be clouded. I am not detecting impartiality in your language, but instead, very strict partisanship… that’s not terribly honorable, and its certainly not is it ‘straight talk’.

    There will be no revolution, bloody spartan, no matter who loses.

    There will be no ‘teaching children to hate america’ thats a spin, and not accurate, and you would not like it if the other side did the same to you. Nobody has EVER said that.

    Obama has qualities that resonate with people and you need to include that in your evaluation. McCain and ESPECIALLY Palin have shortcomings when compared to Obama on intellectual capacity, supporting cast, understanding and explaining the issues, and plenty of others. Thats why its is such a close race. You must include analysis of the entire situation, both positive and negative, to be taken seriously.

    If you lose the election, do you think it has anything to do with GW Bush? anything at all? What people think of him, etc…?

    Do you think it will have anything to do with McCain representing the current administration, and Palin not displaying that she is at a presidential level of understanding yet? Anything at all to do with the outcome?

    C’mon. Think. Think real hard about all that is going on. And why that it. Is it really ONLY because of Fraud? Are you really sure?

    Or do you just want to win the election, no matter what?

    Straight talk. I’m waiting…

  7. conman says:


    Sometimes your inability to see the forest through the trees is truly amazing. Here we are three weeks away from the election and you are bragging about McCain/Palin rallies in Virginia and North Carolina – two states that have traditionally been strong Republican states. Virginia has voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election since 1952. North Carolina has voted for the Republican candidate in every presidential election since 1968 with the exception of Carter in 1976 (a Southern Govenor). In 2004, Bush handily beat Kerry in both states by a 54% to 46% margin.

    Do you not appreciate the significance of McCain/Palin having to spend their time defending in traditionally strong Republican states less than one month away from the election? Look back at 2004 – Bush didn’t visit either of these states this close to the election because they were presummed to be locked up. Now McCain and Obama are polling even in North Carolina and Obama is up 3 points in Virginia.

    Plus, focusing on the size of rallies says nothing about the independents/undecided. Rallies are for the party base. You have repeatedly said in the past that this campaign will be decided by the independents/undecided. That is especially true for McCain since the Democratic registration is significantly larger this year than the Republican registration. So who cares how many of the Republican base come out to see McCain/Palin – thank god they will not decide this election. Now that the facts don’t fit your theory, are you saying that the GOP base will decide the election? Too funny.

    Lastly, the McCain campaign’s estimate of the crowd size in VA Beach was grossly overexaggerated. The Virginia Beach Fire Marshal’s office estimated the size of the crowd to be 12,000 and the Convention Center’s capacity is only 16,000. Read the end of this article – http://www.wvec.com/news/topstories/stories/wvec_top_101308_mccain_rally.10ac0eb1e.html. I have a strong hunch the estimates at the other events were also inflated. Inflating crowd estimates this late in the game is yet another sign of desperation.

    And your consistent attempts to explain away all of the obvious and undeniable evidence of a flailing McCaon campaign is nothing more than grasping at straws because you cannot bring yourself to accept reality.

  8. AJStrata says:


    Ignorance is your bliss. This is a tight election. 3 weeks out is the perfect time to shore up the base. Obama was in PA – by your ‘logic’ he is desperate and in trouble!!

    Liberals are so ‘smart’ is it literally hilarious.

  9. bush_is_best says:

    Conman beings up facts and figures the same way that the rest of the people do here… they exist… that makes him no more ‘ignorant’ than anybody else… its just not true.

    Why does nobody on this side admit they are up against a powerful opponent? That is why its so close.

    Talking about Obama being afraid? McCain and Palin are the ones drawing the huge crowds?

    If you are going to talk about drawing crowds, talk about Obama, he draws very large ones, the info is out there, and you can find it.

    If Obama is scared, and McCain has him right where he wants him, then can’t the same thing logically said about the other side? In a tight election? I have not seen one admission of this, anywhere.

    With McCain calling himself the underdog? With the legacy Of Bush HURTING his chances at being elected? No mention of this anywhere…

    Who is Ignorant?

  10. conman says:


    Your mixing apples and oranges. Pennsylvannia is not a strong Democratic state. Since 1968, PA has voted 6 times for the Democratic and 4 times for the Republican. Kerry barely won PA in 2004. It has always been known as a swing state and candidiates from both parties over the last 40 years have been campaigning heavily in it because it is a toss up state.

    Seriously, you can’t come up with better responses – one’s that take more than 5 seconds to refute?