Oct 06 2008

US And Global Markets Take A Beating

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The Global Markets are taking a beating (so much for that emergency band aid passed on Friday). One has to wonder if the country is will to hand the fate of all us to a know-nothing Junior Senator from Chicago who has done nothing of any import or noteworthiness in his short career? There does come a point where radically unproven and ‘change’ don’t work. Maybe a seasoned hand would be best right now???

Nah! Let’s just roll the dice on some liberal with vacuous platitudes who thinks he is the second coming of Christ! That will fix everything.  Anyone seen my fairy dust, time for my annual trip to Neverland.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    This whole financial meltdown has the stink of a Soros operation about it. Soros came out of a Communist country with billions to specualte and bring down economies all over the world before settling in the US to concentrate his mischief on the BIG ONE. I still think his billions in start up money was provided by the old Soviet Union. No other “refugee” from one of those Communist entities has appeared on the international scene so filthy rich. It does not compute that he is the smartest man in the world when it comes to global financing and managed to parlay nothing into billions in so short a time.

    The fact that the rest of the world is sinking with us is confirmation that we have been carrying the world on our backs since WWII. It appears if we don’t buy it they can’t sell it to anyone else. The Envy that has incited the Europeans and other Paracite countries to work to bring down the giant has brought them down with us. Only the Japs seem to appreciate what we have done for them since WWII. .