Aug 31 2005

New/Old Plame Theory

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The new theory running through the Justice Department is that Miller is protecting Plame because Plame passed her classified information, according to the Financial Times [hat tip: All Things Conservative]

Many have assumed that Miller – who never actually wrote a story identifying Plame as an operative – is protecting Rove and/or other administration officials. But the missing link is that Miller is not a political reporter, but rather an investigative journalist who co-wrote a book on America’s secret war against biological weapons and later published controversial articles on Iraq’s effort to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Now here’s the twist: Plame herself is a CIA operative who also specialised in weapons of mass destruction and bio-terrorism. So did Miller get to know Plame while she was writing her book or even use her as a source for other WMD stories? Despite 56 days’ imprisonment and a vociferous campaign to release her – Miller is staying mum.

If you check out my posts here you will see I have made the case for months that the Grand Jury was investigating the leaks of classified material, but not from Rove (as the Media-Previously-Known-As-Mainstream so desperately wishes). The Rove angle was always so weak as to not be worthy of a Grand Jury, let alone years of investigation. But there was plenty of other places leaking classified information.

Tom Maguire has been all over this longer than I have been. Here is his latest post on the subject of Miller in Jail.

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3 Responses to “New/Old Plame Theory”

  1. patch says:

    Now that Judith Miller/Karl Rove/Valerie Plame/Joseph Wilson are making a comeback, does this mean the Cindy Sheehan story is finally over?

  2. BurbankErnie says:

    Well it kept the Left happy for a couple of months, right?

    Remember when Joe Wilson came out and made 60 appearances on TV, then was proven a liar and only went on 2 shows after that? And Russert, Blitzer, Rather, Stephanopolis, et al never had to retract one story about the Liar?

    Well, add this debacle to the pile of Left witch hunts, orchestrated to keep the funds rolling in, along with Howard “the screamer” Dean to bring in all the grass roots money. Oh yeah, Sheehan too. and the DSM “Memos”. Oh, and the TANG Memos. Oh yeah, Halliburton. Of course, the stolen elections. Hmmm, Swiftee Liars too. ad nauseum.

    It has always been about Miller, Wilson and Plame. Period.

  3. Jim says:

    AJ, take a spin around On the issue of Plame, I believe you will find him simpatico. He’s razor sharp, but he gets no love. Maybe you can help him.