Sep 24 2008

Obama And Dems Try To Steal The White House

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Well, it seems the democrats are going to try to stop voters from voting, mainly Republican voters of course:

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has a reputation as the most partisan state official in Ohio. And she works hard to earn it. The Democrat’s latest stunt rejected absentee ballots for thousands of Republicans.

Brunner sent a memo telling county election officials to reject those applications for absentee ballots if the box was not checked. “Failure to check the box leaves both the applicant and the board of elections without verification that the applicant is a ‘qualified elector’,” she wrote.

But that’s contrary to state law and Brunner doesn’t have the authority, according to the lawsuit and an opinion from Hamilton County’s Republican Prosecutor Joe Deters.

Ohio law allows voters to request an absentee ballot on the back of a grocery sack if they want to, as long as they include their name, address, date of birth, signature and either a driver’s license number, last four Social Security numbers or a valid picture I.D.

There is nothing in the law about checking a box to verify a qualified voter. The voter’s signature is enough, because that’s what is checked to send ballots, said Hamilton County Clerk of Courts Greg Hartmann, who ran against Brunner in 2006 and is now county chairman for the McCain-Palin campaign. “It’s just bald partisanship,” he said. “She’s trying to disqualify likely McCain voters.”

So this is “Change” Barack? SS-like tactics? This is your brave new world? I do recall that you used legal challenges to clear the field of all contenders when you ran for the Senate. Seems democracy is something of an inconvenience for you on the path to becoming The Messiah?

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Watch Ohio and watch Indiana.

    The northwest corner of Indiana which is only a hop skip and a jump from Chicago took a real long time to process their votes in the primary.

    Might be worth a lot of precinct monitors to beware of foreign imports.

  2. dave m says:

    Reporting on the Berg lawsuit against Obama citing ineligibility to run
    for President, says :
    Wednesday, September 24, 2008
    Berg v. Obama Update — Wednesday, September 24

    Answer to Berg’s Complaint Due Today from Obama, DNC

    As today is “Answer Day” with regard to Berg v. Obama, keep checking back here from time to time should I hear anything from my contacts in the federal courthouse.

    I expect something will be filed–motion to dismiss or for extension of time–and probably, for insulation purposes, by the DNC and not by Obama’s camp, and will keep everyone here abreast of any changes. On the off-chance that nothing is filed today, I’ll do my best to obtain comment from Phil Berg and will attempt to present details, options and analysis later this evening.


  3. Aitch748 says:

    Are the Democrats just getting bolder with every election, or are we just getting better at finding them out?

  4. Mike M. says:

    Both. The fraud is becoming wholesale, but we’re onto them. If we had a media that was not wholly partisan, it would be a massive scandal.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Don’t confuse classic Dems with what is happening here.

    This is not only a fight for the White House it is an internal civil war with the extreme socialist leaning left wing of the Dem party trying to take control.

  6. sbd says:

    I came across a website today that seems to be trying to get people to be Good.

    GOOD is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits pushing the world forward. Since 2006 we’ve been making a magazine, videos, and events for people who give a damn. This website is an ongoing exploration of what GOOD is and what it can be.

    They have McCain and Obama videos on there that actually give you the candadates background, for instance, did you know Biden’s dad was a used car salesman. That was in the video Pick Your Vice” which did not portray palin in a negative manner.

    The video was sponsored by Kenneth Cole who deserves some gratitude for doing GOOD!!


  7. VinceP1974 says:


  8. WWS says:

    LOL, Vince. “Dragnet”, 1987.

    “No ma’am. They’re quite impressive… bordering on spectacular.”

  9. VinceP1974 says:

    The Virgin Connie Swail 🙂

  10. sbd says:

    McCain just suspended campaign to go to Washington and work on economic crisis!!

    McCain has someone running his campaign that is full of surprises!!

    How will Obama play his response??

  11. Stix says:

    He is lying about calling McCain in the morning.

    they seem to always go nuts when people are asked to show ID, andprove they are actual voters, but do notcare if Republicans get thrown out for stupid reasons.

    Remember back in 2000 when 60,000 miltary votes were thrown out by ALGore. Not all would have been for Bush, but a majority would, but the Democrats and ACLU said nothing about that.

    If they reallywantto seestolen elections come tom where I live. You can see people voting in 6 diofferent precincts. the Dead voting, along with dogs. 30 people living in an empty lot, or peope living in cemeteries.

    And petty much the Sec of State isgoing against the Ohio Constitution. You can put you name, address, Driver’s liscense #on a piece of paper and vote.

  12. chrispy says:

    I thought the debate was pretty much a wash. No clear victor. But didn’t McCain outright lie when he said he’s always supported ‘alternate’ energies? His voting record has been clearly one-sided FOR oil and against any other form of energy. Not once has he vote for subsidies to solar or wind while supporting subsidies for oil companies that have been %$@#ing us lately.

    It’s not hard to look downstream and see we’re coming into a time when dependency on imported foreign oil has us at the mercy of some countries, we’d rather not be in relationship with.

    Google Masdar, a new city being built near Dubai that will be oil free. All solar and wind. Sure it will cost billions…but we’re paying for it with every gallon of foreign oil we buy.

    We’ve got to get smarter about energy and use our resources here along with free solar, wind tidal etc.

  13. VinceP1974 says:

    Here is McCain’s voting record on Energy bills.

    I leave it to each person to find out what the bills actually contained

    08/01/2006 Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act of 2006
    S 3711
    Voted Yes
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (71 – 25)

    03/16/2006 ANWR Revenues Amendment
    S Con Res 83
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Adopted – Senate
    (51 – 49)

    03/16/2006 LIHEAP Funding Amendment
    S Con Res 83
    Voted No
    Amendment Adopted – Senate
    (51 – 49)

    11/03/2005 Alaska Judicial Review Amendment
    S 1932
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Rejected – Senate
    (48 – 51)

    10/26/2005 Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Amendment
    HR 3010
    Voted No
    Motion Failed – Senate
    (54 – 43)

    07/29/2005 Energy Policy Act of 2005
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Conference Report Adopted – Senate
    (74 – 26)

    06/28/2005 Energy Policy Act of 2005
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (85 – 12)

    06/16/2005 Reduction in Dependence on Foreign Oil
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Amendment Rejected – Senate
    (47 – 53)

    06/16/2005 Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Amendment
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Amendment Adopted – Senate
    (52 – 48)

    06/14/2005 Environmental Effects Caused by Ethanol Amendment
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Motion to Table Agreed – Senate
    (59 – 38)

    03/16/2005 Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling Amendment
    S Con Res 18
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Rejected – Senate
    (49 – 51)

    07/31/2003 Energy Omnibus bill
    HR 6
    Voted No
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (84 – 14)

    06/10/2003 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Amendment
    S 14
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Adopted – Senate
    (67 – 32)

    06/10/2003 Reduction of Foreign Oil Dependence Amendment
    S 14
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Adopted – Senate
    (99 – 1)

    04/25/2002 Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) Act of 2001
    HR 4
    Voted No
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (88 – 11)

    04/15/1997 Nuclear Waste Disposal bill
    S 104
    Voted Yes
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (65 – 34)

    04/15/1997 Yucca Mountain Alternate Sites amendment
    S 104
    Voted Yes
    Amendment Tabled – Senate
    (59 – 39)

    07/31/1996 Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1996
    S 1936
    Voted Yes
    Bill Passed – Senate
    (63 – 37)

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