Aug 29 2005

Driving Head On Into Katrina

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Here is a news video from a New Orleans news outlet where their reporters are taking video of the flooding. Then this guy flies by in his car and runs full speed into the flood waters. He is then saved by the news crew.

What was this guy thinking?

And there is more serious damage and destruction happening:

Mayor Ray Nagin said that 200 people were stranded on rooftops in the Lower Ninth Ward and several %u201Cbodies are floating in the water%u201D in the Bywater neighborhood and in Eastover.

Nagin made the announcement in his first press briefing after Hurricane Katrina slammed just east of the city, but did plenty of devastation to New Orleans.

Nagin said that the 200 stranded people included 20 police officers who were riding out the storm at their homes in preparation to take over shifts from other officers. He said that boats would be dispatched on rescue missions later in the afternoon

Katrina is living up to her pre-landfall reputation. Photos here with the main site here. Hat tip Pundit Guy who has every source thinkable here, via Michelle Malkin.

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  1. What could that guy have possibly been thinking??!!??

  2. AJStrata says:

    I have no idea. The only thing I could figure is he was distracted by the news crew.