Sep 22 2008

Where Is Obama On Rangel’s Charge Palin Is “Disabled”?

Just got a call from LJStrata who just heard about Rangel’s comment that Governor Palin is ‘disabled‘. First off, LJStrata has a life, unlike me the political junky and blog-hog. She spends her time raising the kids, doing the company back room work, volunteering for the community, keeping the home together. She is actually an interesting indicator of how Palin has changed this race right down to its core.

LJStrata went to her first political rally when Sarah was here in Northern Virginia. She is now actively campaigning for the ticket. I have never seen her so jazzed for a ticket before. And when she heard what Rangel said she was livid – because she knew immediately the innuendo in the ‘disabled’ comments was a swipe at Sarah’s and Todd’s newly born son Trig. Man, you know when someone has crossed the mother-protector line and Rangel did it in spades. Mothers around the nation who are not Obama robots are probably just seething right now.

LJStrata had a good question – where is Obama on this? If he is for changing the corruption and hate in DC Rangel is prime target number 1. Here is Obama’s chance to go after the people in power in HIS party. Rangel is not only a bitter and despicable old carcass in DC, as head of the primary House committee on taxes he has been dodging his tax paying responsibility for decades.

If Obama cannot muster the backbone to deal with Rangel he will have proven himself impotent to deal with the problems of DC.  Enough getting tough on McCain-Palin Obama, show us your worth and deal with Rangel!

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One Response to “Where Is Obama On Rangel’s Charge Palin Is “Disabled”?”

  1. dave m says:

    Obama is on a different wavelength.
    He is not into debating single issues.
    He is about deception. He only needs to win once.
    Anything that causes him to be slowed in his ends justifies the means
    quest is a distraction.

    I have said over and over agin that he is a Manchurian candidate.
    Here is someone smart enough to agree with me !!!