Sep 01 2008

Gustav Disappoints Blow Hard Democrats As It Dissipates Before Land Fall

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I was really good on my prediction of how bad Katrina would be before it hit. From years of looking at weather patterns and such from missions at NASA I could see from the breadth of the storm alone it would be something for the history books:

This is going to be one of those storms of the century – and this time it will really be that bad. Pray for the people in its path.

One look at Katrina covering the Gulf of Mexico one could see this storm was a monster

Gustav was never that big, and in fact was slowing down and losing its eye after hitting Cuba – Katrina crossed Florida and kept on going. I was tempted this round to predict Gustav was not going to be another Katrina, but why err on the wrong side and possibly confuse people in a dangerous situation. But this morning Gustav continued to lose energy as it hit the Gulf Coast:

According to forecasts, Gustav — which was downgraded to a Category 2 when its winds weakened to 110 mph Monday morning — is expected to skim New Orleans, which is still recovering from 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

So the sick and warped dreams of all those out of gas liberals who thanked God for sending a killer storm to rake over Americans so they will be taught to vote Democrat are now not going to get their deepest, darkest wishes. And I seriously doubt anyone is going to console poor DNC Chair Fowler and B-Movie director Michael Moore on their disappointments.

But it looks like the prayers from the rest of us have been answered.

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2 Responses to “Gustav Disappoints Blow Hard Democrats As It Dissipates Before Land Fall”

  1. WWS says:

    I am EXTREMELY glad about this news, since the track shows the remnants of this storm on top of my head in about 3 days. And also, of course, because I have a lot of friends and relatives in La.

    We’re still supposed to end up with about 10 – 15 inches of rain here by Friday. But we’ll be ok.

  2. Redteam says:

    I’m exactly on the path and it was supposed to be here at 7 this evening, but now moved back to 1 AM and still no wind here. no movement in the tree leaves at all. Yes, I share the feeling about the algore weather service. They now seem to function solely to confirm manmade global warming. every report they give seems to be an attempt to cause panic.