Aug 27 2008


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John and Kay-Bailey?  Why not! I can guess where Hillary’s voters will start swinging en mass:


Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s long-shot prospect for vice president is getting a push from conservative and other pundits in the lead-up to next week’s Republican National Convention.

The latest flurry of speculation online and on cable television constitutes at least a third or fourth wave of chatter about Hutchison, whose name surfaces occasionally as a possible Republican vice-presidential candidate.

Hutchison, a delegate to next week’s convention, will address the gathering in Minneapolis-St. Paul on the subject of energy independence on Sept. 3, her office announced Tuesday.


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9 Responses to “McCain-Hutchison?”

  1. WWS says:

    I like Hutchison a lot, have even met her a couple of times. But even though she’s my Senator, I think the country’s kind of tired of the Texas connection for a while.

    In state, the buzz is that she’s going to take on Perry in the Governor’s race in 2010, and has a very good shot at winning. I’ll be on her side.

  2. Klimt says:

    It is simple. McCain needs Michigan. McCain needs Romney. McCain-Romney.

  3. pjo says:

    I am not even sure with Romney on the ticket that the Repubs can take this state. With Kwame looking for some help to pull his bacon out of the fire, I am sure the dead will be voting in Detroit this year.

  4. Hmm I don’t know. I get a lot of Texas TV Coverage in my region and she is not MRs Excitement

    How she will play with Hispanics?

  5. Terrye says:

    Another Senator? I dunno about that.

  6. Mike M. says:

    She’s not my preferred option for two reasons – Hutchison is a Senator, and she’s from Texas. McCain needs somebody with gubnatorial experience to overmatch the Obama/Biden ticket in that regard, and he needs to make as clean a break from Bush as he can.

    On the other hand, McCain could do a lot worse. Hutchison has impeccable conservative credentials and would be a good way to pull the party together. And she has enough experience to pull it off.

  7. conman says:

    Hutchinson may not be great, but I think she is better for McCain than the other main contenders who have been floated – Romney and Lieberman. If McCain picks Lieberman the Republicans will revolt and the election will be over. I pray that he picks Lieberman! Romney is a better option, but still presents major problems with the evangelical votes, explaining the nasty comments between Romney and McCain in the primaries (just as bad, if not worse, than Biden’s comments about Obama) and opens up the “how can you trust two mega-millionaires to look out for the middle class” attack. It will be interesting to see who McCain selects on Friday.

    You all had fun watching Obama pick a VP because it is always fraught with pitfalls. Nobody is a perfect pick and someone in the party is always pissed about the selection. There is plenty to criticize no matter who the choice. Now McCain has to run the same guantlet. If he makes a good choice, it will help him a great deal. If he makes a bad choice (or disastorous choice like Lieberman), it may be the start of the end of his campaign.

  8. ivehadit says:

    George Allen would have been a fabulous pick. Two alpha males in charge of this country-a beautiful sight.

    I am not against Kay, I just think maybe she is too “soft” in her demeanor. Not strong enough. Could be wrong and I do think Texas could be a problem, but then maybe an asset in the Drill here, Drill now issue. 🙂
    Maybe that is just what is needed now. Who knows!

  9. Stix says:

    I like KB Hutchinson, but she will notbringthat mcuh tothe table. It mightgesome ofthe Hislalry supporters, butshe does not campaign good.

    I agree that we do not need 4 Senators in the race. It is bad enough with 3, 4would just turn a lot of people off. With aproval ratings below Bush, why pick another Seantor. Also, I agree the Texas connection will not go over well also.