Aug 25 2008

How Can Obama Be “Winning” When He Is Losing The Bell-Weather State of Ohio?

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I was checking in to see what news was out today and glanced at the RCP state-by-state poll numbers as was absolutely stunned to see John McCain leading in OH. Last time I looked Obama was pretty far ahead (too early to focus on the states right now). So I went to the RCP Ohio page, were you can scroll across their poll summary data chart and see the snapshots on any date, and I was stunned to learn Obama had a almost a 5 point lead back in late June and through most of July. Today McCain is leading by one point.

No Democrat can win the Presidential EC without OH.  And as goes OH so goes the election for either party. So what happened?  How did Obama lose 6 points of ground and now lag McCain? Is it not surprising this is one state that went hard for Hillary in the primary, and is now drifting into the McCain column?

I don’t think this is a coincidence at all.  And I fail to see how Biden can turn this back around.  But I think I will be keeping a much closer eye on OH from now on.

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3 Responses to “How Can Obama Be “Winning” When He Is Losing The Bell-Weather State of Ohio?”

  1. kathie says:

    I wonder how much “Operation Chaos” had to do with the big Hill win?

  2. browngreengold says:


    I think that “Operation Chaos” had a huge amount to do with the HildaBeast winning big in OH.

    The question now is how much does the Bradley Effect have to do with the current polling numbers.

    As Rush has said over and over if Obie is not polling 10 points ahead going into the last week of the election then he will not win.

  3. WWS says:

    I think I hear conman saying that they LOVE Joe Biden in Ohio, so that will make everything work out. Just like they loved Joe Biden in the Dem primaries – what he get, 1% total? FEEL THE LOVE!