Aug 18 2008

The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

OK, we are one week away from the Democrat Convention and we will soon learn if there really was a video tape of Michelle Obama saying something akin to “whitey” at some major event a couple of years ago in Chicago. It the tape exists (and all indications are this is a sick rumor started by Larry Johnson at No Quarter) it will surface within the week, so as to give Obama a major headache and Clinton an opportunity to take the nomination. If it does exist, make no mistake, it will be leaked as if it came from the GOP.  But let me be clear on this, a failure of this tape to finally surface will be proof positive of the skullduggery that comes from people like Johnson and his gang at No Quarter – and that is what I suspect we will learn between now and next week. This myth is about the be buried.

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8 Responses to “The Mythical Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video”

  1. Doesn’t exist, never existed; only in the Lying, fraudulent, Anti-American Delusional mind of Larry C. Johnson, does this tape exist.

    And the best part is; this Anti-American Democratic Clintonite tool, has tried to pass this “Whitey Tape” lie-fraud off on his “Republican” contacts, as well as his bogus rumors that the “Republicans” are holding secret information that Obama is really either a Kenyan citizen, an Indonesian citizen, or both!

    To show you how stupid Larry C. Johnson is, he’s tried to blame former Anti-Clinton Republican Billionaire, Richard Scaife, as actually having posession of the Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape.

    Problem with that is, Scaife has actually met with Hillary Clinton, and endorsed her for President, and has basically turned on the “Replubicans”.

    And, as if any real “Republicans”, would ever talk to Larry C. Johnson, let alone admit to him, being the MSM/Democratic-Clintonista tool that he is, that they are getting ready to play “dirty tricks” on the Annointed One!

    Just so no one mistakes my positions, by the above post; which have always been consistent; these are my Beliefs:

    a) Whitey Tape is a fraud, perpetrated by Larry C. Johnson, to blame on Republicans

    b) Obama Kenyan Citizenship is a fraud, don’t know the originator, but its certainly been advocated by Larry C. Johnson

    c) Obama Indonesian Citizenship; there actually is some written evidence that he may have had Indonesian Citizenship at one time; however, I am not a Constitutional Scholar nor a Lawyer, so I have no clue as to even if it is relevant

    d) Obama’s birthplace: there is NO DOUBT that he was born in Hawaii, when he says he was, and that he was a US Citizen by birth, and that his mother was a US Citizen; anything else is sheer Hillary supporter fantasies/Larry C. Johnson fraud…

    e) Obama’s COLB: though I’m convinced that Obama had an original, Legal, valid, Hawaiian COLB; I just don’t believe that the one posted by Anti-American/Leftwing Nutbag Daily Kos-omac website was the REAL one…..but that’s just me….

    remains to be proven either way, as far as I’m concerned…

  2. kathie says:

    I agree Dalein……Hill couldn’t get any traction so they were putting out the dirt. It’s all bull.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Traps to discredit the Right?

  4. WWS says:

    To Dale, re Obama’s citizenship issue: You are correct, whether he has or ever had Indonesian citizenship is irrelevant. It’s a common myth among many that somehow the Constitution forbids dual citizenship. It does not, in fact the topic is never mentioned. The President has to be a natural born citizen, but there is no legal restriction against even the holder of that office being a dual citizen, as long as he is also a natural born citizen. (now should such a person be elected? Probably not, but that’s a political issue, not a legal one)

    I think this myth persists since before 1967, there were laws forbidding dual citizenship. But that was the year the Supreme Court struck down all of those laws as unconstitutional.

    Here’s a handy FAQ page about dual citizenship:

    FAQ #1:

    “Is it possible to be a dual citizen of the United States of America and another country?

    YES — in many cases.

    If you have been a dual citizen from birth or childhood, or else became a citizen of another country after already having US citizenship, and the other country in question does not have any laws or regulations requiring you to formally renounce your US citizenship before US consular officials, then current US law unambiguously assures your right to keep both citizenships for life.”

  5. breschau says:

    Here’s my thinking:

    if bSmear = Y then
    if bDemocrat = Y then
    if bFoxNews = Y then
    bPotentialProblem = Y;
    bPotentialProblem = N;
    end if;
    bPotentialProblem = N;
    end if;
    bPotentialProblem = N;
    end if;

    I guess I should have a boolean check on “bLarryJohnson”, but it seems redundant.

  6. breschau says:

    AJ: your site doesn’t keep indents and tabs very well. Ah well – it ain’t pretty, but it works.

  7. dave m says:

    Uh, right, breschau,
    cool argument, using indents, you should take up software.
    Bottom line:

    There may be a Michelle tape, there may not, there probably is

    The dkos COLB may be a forgery or it may be real, it probably is a forgery,

    Obama may still be an islamist, or maybe he is a Christian, probably islamist,

    Obama may be ineligible due to use of a false name, probably is

    Obama may be ineligible due to dual citizenship, don’t know, THAT will
    require a Supreme Court challenge.

    So no one has closed the case?????

    Alex Rawls covered these points in a well documented fashion over
    at errortheory, in an article concerning the maximum probability obama.

    Whatever the arguments amongst “experts”, no evidence amounting to
    a slam-dunk, or in other words, beyond a reasonable doubt, can be brought
    forwards in the next few days.

    It may be that Republicans are holding onto fatal evidence for Obama.
    Regardless of what Larry Johnson says, that would make sense as
    a political calculation.

    I am not convinced by net-centric arguments. I believe obama is
    a manchrian candidate and will therefore vote against him. If I
    lose? Well, that’s politics. The final consideration is to protect yourself
    and your family. obama will be a disaster for the entire world.
    Fortunately I work in the middle of nowhere in an assignment outside
    of the continental USA. I would have to keep it that way until the
    obama tragedy is over.

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