Aug 14 2008

Taliban Use Human Shields To Protect Them In Bajaur Agency

You can tell when a movement is losing popular support – the masses flee from it, don’t even try to defend it. And you can tell when the movement realizes it has lost support as well, the get desperate. In Iraq there was the Awakening which signaled the end of Iraqi Sunni support to al-Qaeda’s Islamist extremism. It was the end of al-Qaeda’s modern caliphate and the start of a massive defeat for the Islamo Fascists who were going to take on America and the West.

Now the remnants of Islamo Fascism have retreated to a few areas inside Pakistan’s Tribal Areas along the Afghan border – where Islamo Fascism began (with the help of the US fighting against the Soviet Union). Pakistan has been pushing into these areas trying to purge then of the militants. In recent days the fighting has been most severe in the Bajaur Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). 

And in another sick act of desperation we see the Islamo Fascists corralling human beings to use as shields against the much stronger Pakistan Army:

Militants in Bajaur Agency are using local people as human shield with air force planes continuing to bomb different areas. Twenty-four people, including some militants, were killed on Wednesday.

Local people said militants had stopped families in Mamond tehsil from leaving the area.

“Militants forced the fleeing tribesmen to stay back. The men were given Kalashnikovs and asked to keep their women in homes,” said a man in Mamond. He said the militants had asked the people to take part in what they called jihad against ‘infidels’.

People in Salarzai have also been stopped from leaving their homes and the area.

I seriously doubt this act will create an upwelling of Muslim support for these animals in Pakistan. Instead of being the honorable warrior defending the people these cowards are hiding behind women and children. It is acts like this (and the massive killings and atrocities in Iraq) that has eroded support for al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Muslim Community. These people being herded into position as shields probable could relate more to the Jews under the jack-boot of the Nazis than those holding them at gunpoint. 

One more example of how Islamo Fascism is not the future of Islam, but is really the enemy of Islam. 

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  1. dave m says:

    Their only hope is Obama.

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