Aug 08 2008

Pakistan Nabs 9 Suicide Bombers, And Other Updates From The Region

Here’s some good news on the fight against terrorists in the Pakistan Tribal Areas:

Police have arrested nine suspected suicide bombers and seized bombing jackets and explosives in the eastern city of Lahore, officers said.

The suspects from the South Waziristan tribal belt bordering Afghanistan had set off to carry out suicide bombings in Lahore and other cities in Punjab province, Lahore police chief Pervez Rathore told a press conference.

Clearly the intelligence effort is working to have nabbed these folks before they could kill their fellow Pakistani Muslims.

The Pakistanis are definitely on the hunt and taking the battle to the militant forces in the NWFP as well. More here.

The Long War Journal has a good round up on Pakistan efforts to target militants in the Bajaur Agency of FATA, demonstrating this is a broad ranging set of actions taking place.

And apparently the militants in South Waziristan, where Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud hales from and where the US successfully struck top level al-Qaeda leaders last week, are a bit annoyed by the constant Predator surveillance flights.  Too bad for them, they chose the path they are on and the ramifications of those choices.

Update: More here on the fighting in Bajaur Agency, another hotbed of Islamo Fascist militants.

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  1. Ray_in_Aus says:

    Has anyone talked about blocking all the roads across the borders, or are there too many of them to man?

    Surely there’s not much scope for donkey tracks in that terrain.