Jul 29 2008

The Liberal God Complex

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I see liberalism as the Walter Mitty daydream run amok. Why some people have the arrogance (and usually lack the scientific and technical knowledge) to think they can come to the rescue of humankind is beyond me. It is rare these days to find an easy answer to anything. Humanity’s large endeavors require the coordinated and skilled work of hundreds of people over many years to accomplish, yet some think they can do it themselves and in an instant. Today’s liberal God Complex example comes from Nancy Pelosi:

Pelosi: ‘I’m trying to save the planet’

Geez woman, you can’t even save your dysfunctional House of Representatives. And I seriously doubt you have the technical skills to grasp the science and engineering required to ‘save the planet’. Want to save the world – give its children the best education, not one driven by unions and left wing moonbattery.

Is this where Obama gets his Messiah Complex???


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7 Responses to “The Liberal God Complex”

  1. Mark78 says:

    Utter arrogance.

  2. BarbaraS says:

    Pelosi has the big head. She thinks as speaker can control a lot of things. That’s why she went to Syria. Why she won’t let critical bills reach the floor. Why she is against drillimg. And why she calls Bush an idiot when clearly the shoe is on the other foot. She has this odd idea that speaker of the house has more power than the president. The woman is seriously bonkers.

  3. breschau says:

    You do realize there is a difference between saying, “I’m going to save the planet”, and “I’m trying to save the planet”, right?

    Hint: the first would be true arrogance, the second is simply a statement of intent.

  4. Mark_for_Senate says:

    No Breschau. To even imagine that we puny humans on this planet can actually ‘implement’ or cause any significant ‘planetary change’ is pure senseless arrogance. That is why the whole AGW crowd is ridiculously insane and ALL a bunch of narcissistic liberals. It’s not nice to fool ‘mother nature’! (or to steal a line from Steve Martin film…”We mock what we do not understand”)

  5. ivehadit says:

    There’s a difference between grandiosity and humility.

    Hint: grandiose ones think they can try and save the *planet*.

    Good grief. These people can’t even save themselves. They have intense boundary issues as well. And enmeshment is another of their great accomplishments.

  6. TomAnon says:

    Sounds like a comment you would hear from a beauty pageant contestant….

  7. Terrye says:


    Ah, yes Saint Nancy is doing her best to save Mother Earth from the plunderers and rapists and pillagers and bad people.

    The arrogance and self regard of this silly woman are just amazing. She calls Bush a total failure, but she has managed to not only be the first woman Speaker…she has managed to become Speaker of the most unpopular Congress in history.Way to go, San Fran Nan.