Jul 14 2008

More On The Obama Birth Certificate Myth

Pam Geller’s forensic expert has come out with an update to address my previous claims. Interestingly enough he has become quite respectful regarding my less than formal analysis of the Obama COLB. More importantly, he once again has confirmed the essence of my original post – that the Opendna image could never be the source for the Kos and Obama Campaign COLB Images AND that there were updates to the HI COLB format between the Decosta 2002 COLB and the Obama 2007 COLB:

AJ is correct on several of his assumptions such as the OpenDNA images came after the KOS image and that there was a change in the COLB certificates between the Decosta and the KOS versions.

I appreciate Techdude coming out and confirming my positions. Folks can reference my posts on this matter here, here, here and here. I have some questions and comments posted at Pam’s site regarding the above update.

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  1. Ray_in_Aus says:

    On one of the other pages on this blog AJ said in reference to the Decosta 2002 COLB:

    “Reviewing the document one sees
    what looks to be an over-zeroxed
    background (just look at the blurred
    state seal).

    I would have thought that the dark and thickened image of that certificate was the result of someone altering the whole image in a graphics program to make the seal a lot more visible than it was with the normal settings. Effectively that’s the same thing as under-exposing in a xerox (or photocopying) machine, but in this case it was a scan – and they don’t usually under-expose.

  2. Ray_in_Aus says:

    kathie wrote:

    “Some are saying that this whole birth
    certificate flap is covering up the fact
    that Obama’s parents were not married”

    Nothing has been covered up in relation to Obama’s birth place and date. He has RELEASED his official birth record – the only one he’s now got or ever CAN get from the Hawaii Health Dept. They don’t issue photocopies of the full certificates to people any more, although obviously they would do it for a court if asked.

    Yes, he has RELEASED it and no one has found the slightest bit of evidence to contradict anything in it, or in the certificate’s appearance, and yet people (apparently those who don’t want to see him in office) persist in doubting it.

    All this “forgery” nonsense is a bit like someone saying “I’ve got a forged $10 note but I’m not going to tell you how I know it’s forged — and what’s more this 2007 $10 note has got different things in it that the 2002 $10 note HASN’T got — so now I REALLY know it’s forged — and the “smoking gun” is that the Treasury office is not answering my emails so there’s a conspiracy too!

  3. Ray_in_Aus says:

    bomza wrote:

    “And why is the Obama camp taking out ads on Google lying to the American people telling them they can see the “original” birth certificate when they know this is a scan of a laser printed document?”

    I don’t believe it.

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