Jul 11 2008

More On Obama BC, Atlas Shrugs Confirms Opendna Image Not Original Forgery

Seems Pam Geller’s computer forensic expert is feeling some heat over the Obama Birth Certificate from the state of HI. He has posted a long, self-promoting post on a pending breakthrough coming. I can hardly wait (yawn….). But he has done one thing – confirm my claim that the Opendna image cannot be the source of a BC forgery.

The man has some credentials, let me be clear on that mater. But credentials don’t equate to talent. Anyway, his first post on the matter was really a joke (see here) and he deserved a good fisking. As I noted in my previous post, HIS own words claimed the Obama images could be legitimate scans of a real Hawaiin BC until one thing, and only one thing changed his mind:

At this point I was beginning to believe the certificate was real until I resized and overlaid the Decosta certificate on top of the KOS version. … But upon manually stretching them to match edge to edge I caught a glimpse of what I and apparently everyone else had simply not noticed. The security borders do not match. Literally.

This is still a stunningly grandiose way to discover the newer Obama BC (circa Jun 2007) was printed on different paper or background than the Hawaiin BC of one Ms Decosta (circa Sep 2002). The man provided the images that demonstrated this searing moment of the oblivious:

Now I am pretty sure most of us would not have to resize the image, overlay it, measure the diamond patterns, etc to see that the two BC’s were overlaid on different paper or backgrounds. You just don’t need a lot of flashy BS to see there is a different border pattern. And his claim that he “caught a glimpse of what I and apparently everyone else had simply not noticed” was just too much. How could anyone MISS that?

BTW, there is no way from an image to detect whether HI prints the background, borders and BC specific information all at once, or whether the background and borders are pre-printed on stock paper. Digital images cannot tell you that, only the original can.

Anyway, it seems our techdude expert is going back to his lab to retool his argument. OK, I am interested in anything believable. Claiming two different formats of a BC generated 5 years apart means solid evidence of forgery (verses simply evidence Hawaii updated their background border) is simply not believable. And since he expressed respect for the peer review (but of course in the blogosphere that comes with a double order of snarkiness on the side), I will probably do one last post on his upcoming report.

But I do want to note he has confirmed something I pointed out back in my original post on this matter, which was the fact that the Opendna mock-up, due to its much lower resolution, could not be the original source for the Kos and BHO Campaign images of what is probably a legit HI BC issued last June (no proof otherwise).

I will also touch a little bit on the OpenDNA COLB versions but that really is a dead horse at this point as everything he has already admitted can be corroborated by looking at the images, which are based on the pre-existing KOS COLB.

For all those still flogging this dead horse, note that this computer forensic expert has proven my point (emphasis added). There is no way the Opendna image could be used to create a HI BC forgery (paper version, with someone providing a fake seal, date stamp etc, or a mocked up computer image of these telltales from the reverse side). None. As I said – myth busted.

Techdude thinks he has a different kind of proof. He has a laboratory to use, I don’t.

This should be interesting! BTW, I guess I need to answer a question, see if I can get techdude to spew more coffee on his computer:

What computers does NASA use that run on paper?

None. But let me show you one of the finest imaging instruments in the world. We use imaging to navigate the universe, hitting rendezvous point 100’s of thousands of miles away which take years to reach. We use images to uncover the secrets of the Sun and the solar system. We use the electro-magnetic spectrum (which visible light is only a small portion of) to discern the amount of oxygen in a planet’s atmosphere. We use digital ‘images’ for lots of things. And yes, we did land on the moon too.

I have worked with all different types of computers from Commodore 64’s to Crays. Embedded flight systems, firmware, PC, multiprocessors, etc. When did your lab fly 1 $250 million satellite for 3+ years without any hiccups? My system did. You have your skills, I have mine. I am working to send men back to the moon. Hope your were able to hold down your coffee.

Let’s see what you got techdude, I have locked horns with PhDs in particle physics engineers, managers and corporate bigwigs. That is part of my job. Make sure you take your time and make your case clearly and solidly. I love to ‘peer’ review!

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10 Responses to “More On Obama BC, Atlas Shrugs Confirms Opendna Image Not Original Forgery”

  1. BarbaraS says:

    Off topic..My fears have been answered. According to Fox OPEC is now blackmailing the US. They say they will raise the price of oil unlimited if we attack Iran. This was in the cards and we have the democrat traitors to thank for this. If we had been allowed to drill years ago this would have no teeth. It is a case of the economy going down and people going broke or letting Iran get nukes. Some choice. This is probably the democrat plan all along. They have been entirely too cozy with these people. I have wondered all along if they have been bought and paid for. And forget about our allies on the war on terror. All countries who agree to this are our enemies. I’ve said all along that these countries in the ME do not want us to bring democracy to them. They want to rule their people as they always have under their boot. With friends like these…..

  2. Toes192 says:

    AJ… why are you wasting my time with posts like this?

  3. lurker9876 says:

    I read somewhere that the Democrats are finally putting OCS and ANWR drilling back on the table. Is this true?

    OPEC’s actions are not that surprising, huh? And they did in back in the 70’s and 80’s. Surprisingly, they did not threaten us before invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Why?

  4. AJStrata says:


    Because it is easy to do and is so irrelevant. Low pressure!

  5. AJStrata says:

    Yeah, the only reason OPEC is making noise is (a) they know Iran is heading for a clash with the West and (b) they understand the dems are about to fold on the US moratorium on using its oil reserves. They want to be relevant.

  6. ivehadit says:

    Bring on the drilling! The jobs and periphery jobs that will be created will be tremendous, not to mention the ability for us to be independent of the Middle East oil.

    Norway has been safely drilling for years. Hey libs, answer that!

    Hidden agendas being exposed everyday.

    George has been cleaning the swamps in more ways than one….:)

  7. robert verdi says:

    To Senator McCain,
    Our nation faces an extraordinary election this year. It is not your job to attack your allies and supporters. Just recently you could have pointed out the reality of how artificially high gas have exacerbated economic pain, instead you attacked and made jokes at an allies expense, pretty much everything you should be doing in regards to the Democrats. You will not win this election if you accept the Obama campaigns narrative. Playing by the rules of Pundits and media elites is a recipe for defeat. What kind of America do we want? For the Democrats it will be the affluent, connected and fashionable living out their dreams. While the rest of us are put on waiting lists for goods and services. And they will call it equality. Or will we get an America where people have a chance to rise and maybe fall, and America where opportunity and freedom are allowed to flourish. The Republic will not collapse because of the Democratic party, I have no paranoid doom and gloom over seeing politicians I support losing an election, I leave that to the rage filled fools on the left who define themselves in opposition and hatred to American institutions and values. But we can do better then the Democrats, and step one is being in this thing to win it. And you can win this.
    Robert C. Verdi

  8. WWS says:

    ANWR is not back on the table, even though it should be – all that Pelosi is talking about is some low grade prospects on lands that already allow drilling, and she’s pretending that’s some huge concession on her part.

    The way the dem’s go on about “leases not being drilled on” is so idiotic that’s it’s hard to believe there are so many ignorant reporters out there to swallow it up. The only way to believe it is to remain studiously ignorant of how that industry operates. Oh, and by the way no one has pointed out that the Dem’s proposed “use it or lose it” legislation is unconstitutional; it’s a violation of the 5th amendment takings clause.

    The big news today is in the financial markets. I have always been one of the Bush administration’s biggest supporters; but Treasury Sec. Paulson this morning has made a huge mistake which is putting the markets into free fall. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have got to be bailed out, or else we lose this economy. And I don’t mean lose it a little bit; if they fail we’re back to 1931 overnight. Now that’s not going to happen – but until Paulson wises up and admits that the markets are going to continue to free fall. His choice as to how long the free fall lasts.

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