Jul 09 2008

Obama Campaign Site Highlights Obama’s Failures

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Update: Reader Merlin created this wonderful Waffler-in-Chief seal to commemorate Obama’s flip flops! Welcome readers from Lucianne.com

Update: LJStrata reminded me I predicted this morning Obama would get this kind of radioactive fallout once he finalized his FISA flip – end update

I have never seen the likes of this before. Since when have you seen a campaign site promote its candidate, get the boot and another candidate be put in his place? When was the last time anyone saw a campaign site that emphasized how badly the candidate lied to his base? I mean, John McCain doesn’t have to do a thing, the Obamabots are doing it all for him – and on Obama’s own campaign site!

Make them draft Al before hilary sends the rest of our jobs to China.
This FISA bill just stinks from head to toe. Where was the fillabuster? Where is the man who ran on this issue and now flipping so easy to those that broke the law. You have my vote Senator Obama but no longer my work on the phone banks and my dollars from my other bank.

Congratulations, Senator Obama, on becoming the “lesser of 2 evils candidate” for millions of your supporters.

We worked for you and supported you before today because we believed what you said. I don’t anymore. You said you would filibuster telecom immunity. Where were you? If you had voted against the FISA legislation with Hillary, nothing at all would have been lost.

As it is, no more donations from me. No more going out of my way.

Because when I thought you were more than just another politician I became more than just another voter. Well you dropped your ball so I see no reason to disrupt my life on your account. You can obviously win without my contributions and work since the telecom companies will more than make up for what you lose from me.

This snapshot will be gone soon, to be replaced by other posts of anger and betrayal. This group supposedly has 22,000 members so this show will be running for a while.

Whodathunk a campaign site would demand their party to replace their candidate! Mercy, BHO is beyond niave.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Maybe we can get the new seal to go viral!

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  3. AJStrata says:

    Perfect timing Merlin!

  4. crosspatch says:

    Interesting story I saw linked over at Newsbusters …

    My niece, Katelyn, stationed at Baluud , Iraq was assigned, with others of her detachment, to be escort/guard/ watcher for Martha Raddatz of ABC News as she covered John McCain’s recent trip to Iraq

    Katelyn and her Captain stood directly behind Raddatz as she queried GI’s walking past. They kept count of the GI’s and you should remember these numbers. She asked 60 GI’s who they planned to vote for in November. 54 said John McCain, 4 for Obama and 2 for Hillary.

    Katelyn called home and told her Mom and Dad to watch ABC news the next night because she was standing directly behind Raddatz and maybe they’d see her on TV. Mom and Dad of course, called and emailed all the kinfolk to watch the newscast and maybe see Katelyn.

    Well, of course, we all watched and what we saw wasn’t a glimpse of Katelyn, but got a hell’uva view of skewed news. After a dissertation on McCain’s trip and speech, ABC showed 5 GI’s being asked by Raddatz how they were going to vote in November; 3 for Obama and 2 for Clinton .. No mention of the 54 for McCain.

    When will the networks lose their press credentials and be considered political action committees for the Democrats?

    How can Obama lose when he has all the “journalists” in his pocket with their legs all a-tingle?

  5. Terrye says:

    They should have known better. But then Obama is planning a big speech in a stadium in Denver to a huge crowd of screaming fans chanting his name..so what does he care?

    I think this whole thing has gone to Obama’s head. He thinks it is all about him. He does not need the peasants.

  6. Terrye says:

    It just gets better and better:

    From the LATimes:

    Barack, he’s talking down to black people,” Jackson said in a short clip the network aired this afternoon on “Special Report with Brit Hume.”

    Hume reported that Jackson also “threatened to cut off a certain part of Obama’s anatomy.”

    The cable news network is set to air more audio and video of what Jackson said this evening on “The O’Reilly Factor” at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

    But before that could happen, Jackson gave an interview to rival network CNN expressing regret for his comments, which he said he made as part of a discussion about Obama’s calls for more personal responsibility during appearances before black churches.

    “I said it can come off as speaking down to black people,” Jackson said on CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

    “And then I said something I felt regret for — it was crude,” he added. “It was very private, and very much a sound bite — and a live mike. And so I feel — I find no comfort in it, I find no joy in it. So I immediately called the senator’s campaign to send my statement of apology to repair the harm or hurt that this may have caused his campaign because I support it unequivocally.”

    Obama spokesman Bill Burton said the Democratic presidential contender accepted Jackson’s apology.

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  8. crosspatch says:

    Obama and McCain better both be brushing up on their Chinese, if you ask me.

  9. robert verdi says:

    What did they think was going to happen?

  10. Dc says:

    That people would ignore it just like they have everything else….so long as “hate Bush” was attached to it.

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  12. Terrye says:


    Man, that is bad.

  13. Terrye says:

    BTW, I hear people talking about McCain and Obama being bilingual. So is Bush. FDR could speak fluent French I read somewhere. So could Jefferson. A lot of presidents have been bilingual.

  14. VinceP1974 says:

    What’s Obama other language? Arabic?

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  16. crosspatch says:

    I would love to see someone (I don’t have the skilz) create a video with him first voicing one position, then it moves to a clip of him doing the famous “can I just finish my waffle” brushoff, then a clip to him voicing the opposite position. So forth and so on with every single one of them. First statement … “can I finish my waffle” … second statement … rinse, lather, repeat.

    It would be priceless viral video for YouTube.

  17. BarbaraS says:

    You know, I can understand members of the dim party in congress being so gung ho against telecom immunity because the trial lawyers have bought and paid for them but why do the dims by and large care about this issue. It has been my understanding that no one wants millionaire trial lawyers to accumulate more money so what’s the beef? Also why do the populace care one way or another if US attorneys’ contracts are not renewed. If they can put Bush on trial for not renewing 8 then lets put Clinton on trial for not renewing or outright firing 93. The dims are like sheep. They don’t seem to have any minds of their own and no thinking processes. Don’t they ever realize when something makes no sense especially when one thing is said one day and the opposite the next day. I would think it would be hard to keep up since they use their brains so little.

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