Aug 23 2005

From the Duh! Files

As I posted yesterday, the recent stem cell breakthrough at Harvard makes the harvesting of stem cells from young human beings, sorry – embryos, irrelevant and unnecessary.

So how does the liberal Washington Post present this great news?

A Harvard University advance in generating embryonic stem cells may have the unintended consequence of hindering congressional efforts to lift research restrictions imposed by President Bush four years ago,…

Note the sadness at not being able to kill more humans for research, and to get rich on the ill and dying. One thing I forgot to mention in the previous post was the intellectual property angle to this entire debate. It seems that stem cell therapies derived from adults cannot be patented (you cannot patent a person). But some believe that restriction doesn’t apply to embryos (which is wrong – embryos are human beings as well).

And of course the naive reporters, who probably cannot balance a check book due to poor math skills, repeat the lies about embryonic stem cells and ignore the results of adult stem cell research:

Embryonic stem cells hold the promise of treatment or cures for a range of diseases and injuries because they can grow into any type of cell or tissue.

The stem cells do so in young humans. There is no way for us older humans to make them do so at our command. Of course there are lots of things in nature we arrogant older humans cannot do, like make an amoeba from scratch – one of the most basic life forms. But we cannot resist pretending we are God for some reason. May the young humans who come after us take more care and respect of nature and life.

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